2 Indy Candidates for Harrisburg Mayor Tossed From Ballot


Nevin Mindlin

Two independent candidates for Mayor, Nevin Mindlin and Nathaniel Curtis were struck from the ballot today after successful petition challenges.

A judge had them stricken because both had not completely filled out a portion of their petitions which listed who would name the candidate’s successor’s if the candidate chose to bow out. Curtis’s candidacy was also challenged on the grounds of insufficient residency. Curtis grew up in Harrisburg but only moved back to the city in April, far short of the one year requirement.

In a press release from the Mindlin Campaign, Nevin stated, “I will not go away,” and that he is considering appealing the ruling.

This leaves only Democratic Candidate Eric Papenfuse and newly minted Republican Candidate Dan Miller on the ballot for November.

“I look forward to a vigorous debate on these issues,” Papenfuse said in a similarly timed press release, “so that whoever is elected Mayor will be able to move quickly to help Harrisburg resolve its problems and improve the quality of life for all our City’s residents.”

Papenfuse won the May 21st primary election ahead of Dan Miller who came in second. Miller did receive enough write-in votes to be the Republican Candidate for Mayor. Miller rejected that nomination originally, but after hearing about the court challenges to candidates Mindlin and Curtis, he jumped back into the race on the Republican side.

Incumbent mayor Linda Thompson took third in the Democratic primary.

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3 thoughts on “2 Indy Candidates for Harrisburg Mayor Tossed From Ballot”

  1. Denny Bonavita says:

    So Papenfuse is going to be another political hack, beholden to party bosses, following the “dance with who brung ya” hackneyed political crap. Mindlin would be a good mayor, but good mayors don’t always play nice with those who suckle at the public teat, so the “old boy” network tried to get rid of him. I think he should appeal.

  2. Aghast says:

    The court’s decision is 100% political, not legal. It’s a grey area of the law, without legal precedent for Independent candidates, and the facts surrounding Mindlin’s paperwork supported the court letting him amend the papers and continue on. The problem with the paperwork is that the requirements are full of redundancies and non sequiturs, designed to trip up all but the most sophisticated and knowledgable candidates. That’s not good public policy, because it should be easy to run for office, not hard. Only party establishments benefit from this. The real problem is the court colluding with party leaders and knocking out independent minded candidates who will demand criminal investigation of the disastrous Harrisburg bonds. Mindlin is a threat to the cabal that brought down Harrisburg, so he has to be eliminated. This was a political decision, not a solid legal decision. In cases like this, courts are supposed to do what is best for the public. Giving the public choices in an election is the most important. Mindlin had 540 signatures, 440 more than required, so he was good to go. This is shameful.

  3. ABCDEF says:

    Appeal all you want Nevin. For someone who works or worked for the bar association you’d think you’d know and understand court precedent. The mistake you made has been a fatal flaw legally for years. Stop whining.

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