4/11 Morning Buzz

Good morning politicos, here’s the Buzz. Yesterday marked the end of a surprising presidential primary – hats off to Rick Santorum for getting further than anyone imagined he would. But fear not. The races in PA are still raging. Here’s the latest.

Smith Ad Rebuts Welch By Smacking Rohrer (Watch Video): Tom Smith’s campaign is airing a new campaign ad in response to an attack spot from Senate rival Steve Welch. But the 30 second negative spot doesn’t target who you’d think.

Santorum Drops Presidential Bid: Citing the difficult time his family has had in recent days dealing with the health problems of daughter Bella, and finally yielding to polls and delegate math, Santorum pulled out of the race.

Santorum’s Out: What It Means For Pa. Races: Here’s our list of the winners and losers of Rick Santorum’s decision to withdraw from the presidential primary.

Exclusive: Perry on TV in PA-4, Reilly to Follow: Scott Perry will be the first candidate on television in the race to replace retiring Rep. Todd Platts. The state Rep. unveiled a positive, 30 second bio spot Tuesday morning. He also got the backing of the NRA.

Club For Growth: No Plans For PA-18: The Club for Growth isn’t planning to funnel any more spending into the 18th district primary, the group’s president said Tuesday. The conservative organization had previously criticized incumbent Rep. Tim Murphy, who faces a challenge from Evan Feinberg.

Altmire and Critz Debate For The 2nd Time This Week: In the second debate in as many nights, Reps. Jason Altmire and Mark Critz reiterated many of the same themes they had been discussing since beginning their primary showdown.

Toomey Backs Romney: That didn’t take long. In the wake of Rick Santorum’s departure from the presidential contest, Sen. Pat Toomey threw his support behind Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican nominee.

Earll Backs Romney: Sen. Jane Earll (R-Erie) today threw her support behind Mitt Romney, citing his business experience, and threw a subtle jab at Rick Santorum [before Santorum dropped out].

Bill Clinton Coming to Montco for Kane: Former President Bill Clinton will rally with supporters of Kathleen Kane Thursday as she enters the final leg of her Attorney General campaign.

Women’s Groups Split in Pa. AG Primary: EMILY’s List endorsed Kathleen Kane, the Pa. Chapter of the National Organization for Women backed Patrick Murphy.

Game on? Politics is fun, but is baseball better? So decided Tom Smith for Senate staffer Alex Lentz. He gave up his position as scheduler to take a spot on the roster of the Revolution, a minor league baseball team in York, Pa.

Inky Backs Maher for Auditor: The Philadelphia Inquirer editorial board endorsed state Rep. John Maher for Pa. Auditor General, writing, “The better choice is JOHN MAHER, whose background as a certified public accountant boosts his credentials considerably for this position. He founded one of the largest accounting firms in western Pennsylvania, which specialized in government work.”

Capitolwire: House Redistricting Nearly Done, Senate Has Sticking Points: Republicans and Democrats in the House have mostly agreed on what the new redistricting map will look like, but the Senate is still up in the air, Capitolwire reports. Here are the scenarios being discussed.

Immediate Injunction Requested in Marcellus Shale Lawsuit: Tuesday, the municipalities involved in the lawsuit to overturn the newly enacted marcellus shale law filed a request for an immediate injunction to prevent the law from going into effect on April 14th.

Congressional Election Updates:

CD-4: State Rep. Scott Perry (R-Dillsburg) has been endorsed by the Citizens United PAC in the race to replace retiring US Rep. Todd Platts, the Patriot-News reports

CD-7: The Daily Delco writes about independent candidate Omen Powell and his platform.

Legislative Election Updates:

SD-9: The Pa. Independent reports on the Roger Howard vs. Dominic Pileggi Republican primary. The two will debate on April 19th. Howard, who associates himself with the tea party is trying to portray Pileggi as too moderate.

SD-29: State Sen. Brian Argall (R-Schuylkill) and Brian Rich, the Republican candidates in the primary for the 19th District debated yesterday. The Reading Eagle has the recap. Meanwhile, Rep. Gary Day endorsed Argall. “I know we have a Senator that listens to us,” he said. “Senator Argall works with me on regional issues and has been responsive to our needs, joining me at local open houses and solving the needs of our mutual constituents.”

SD-37: The Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania PAC announced its support of Raja in the race to replace retiring Sen. John Pippy. Raja signed has signed their pension declination pledge and has vowed not to accept any per diems. Additionally, Raja picked up the backing of three Washington Co. Republicans: Tom Uram, Bill Northrup and Edward “Buzz” Reich. Meanwhile his opponent, Rep. Mark Mustio, is not backing down from the Raja-is-Indian theme. A recent piece (PDF) that hit mailboxes was headlined, “Raja doesn’t trust American workers.”

HD-20: The Post-Gazette endorsed Rep. Adam Ravenstahl (D-Allegheny), who is facing two primary challengers. “Adam Ravenstahl may be young and new to the job, but up against these opponents his is the voice of reason and sensibility.”

HD-22: Pittsburgh City Councilman Bruce Kraus endorsed Erin Molchany in her bid to fill the seat of Chelsa Wagner. She faces an uphill battle, since the party nominated Martin Schmotzer in the coming special election. “Erin Molchany is incredibly committed to making her community and our entire region a better place to live,” said Kraus.  ”She brings to office a record of accomplishment fighting to save public transportation and education.”

HD-47: Shane Richardson, one of two Dems seeking to unseat Rep. Keith Gillespie (R-York), picked up the backing of Hallam Borough Mayor Paul McCleary. “Shane has demonstrated a strong work ethic and knowledge of the issues,” said McCleary.

HD-56: Former Congressman Ron Klink endorsed Marybeth Kuznik in the Democratic primary to face Rep. George Dunbar (R-Westmoreland). “At a time when the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania needs to refocus on the opportunities that present themselves, Marybeth Kuznik brings the focus and experience we need,” Mr. Klink wrote. The other Dem is Raymond Geissler.

HD-92: Anthony Pugliese is hosting two meet and greets in his race to replace Rep. Scott Perry (R-York), who is running for Congress. Five Republicans seek the seat.

HD-134: The House Dem Campaign Committee swung back against a negative ad in the special election to replace Rep. Doug Reichley (R-Lehigh). They say the spot targeted Patrick Slattery, the Dem in the race, with the aim of boosting Republican Ryan MacKenzie. “Their decision to go on the attack even before airing a single positive ad reveals two things: they know they have a weak candidate – a candidate picked by Harrisburg insiders who had to move back to the district to run – and that their agenda is not popular,” said HDCC Executive Director Ethan Smith.

HD-153: The Ambler Gazette looks at the special election between Nicholas Mattiacci and Madeleine Dean.

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Capitol Ideas: WH advisor David Axelrod endorses Murphy for AG Nod
Capitol Ideas: Critics set to challenge voter ID Bill
State House Sound Bites: ACLU will sue over Voter ID
State House Sound Bites: Santorum ends White House bid
StateImpactPA: “Pennsylvania: Help keep TV political  ads transparent”
StateImpactPA : DEP will hold compressor meetings next week
StateImpactPA: Commonwealth court hears impact fee arguments tomorrow
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The Inquirer: ACLU, NAACP will sue over Pennsylvania voter ID law
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Daily News: BRT: We’re going to need more money
Philly Now: Occupy Philly evicted, again
Philly Now: Women disproportionately affected by Voter ID
Philly Now: It’s still ‘Year of The Bible’

Pottstown Mercury: Montgomery County DA: Pa. Castle Doctrine has exceptions Fla. law lacks
Delco Daily Times: Chester County Republicans expect Romney visit
Montgomery Media: Bucks County seniors express concern about voter ID law
Bucks Local News: Pennsbury presents preliminary budget, teachers pay and benefits two highest line items
Daily Local: Judge to hear suit to halt Pennsylvania gas-drilling law

Tribune Review: Governor uses business stop to tout proposed budget cuts
AP: Romney: Santorum will maintain role in GOP
Post Gazette: Some explaining to do for Republican leader
Early Returns: Santorum still fundraising
KDKA: Terry Maradona on GOP Presidential race
Peters Patch: Election 2012: Evan Feinberg answers your questions

Observer Reporter: Pa. education secretary speaks to MV chamber
Daily Courier: Congressman meets North Union officials
Beaver County Times: Air Force: Pittsburgh base closing will save $354 M

Times Tribune: Lawmakers push state funding lawsuit
Citizens Voice: Cartwright emphasizes health care, trade in platform
Citizens Voice: Legislature should cut its own purse strings
Citizens Voice: Marino recovering after surgery to remove tumors
Standard Speaker: Gov. signs 2 juvenile justice bills
Standard Speaker: House committee OKs corporate income tax bill

South Central:
Chambersburg Public Opinion: Bill would allow students to drive tractors to school
Patriot-News: Anthony Pugliese, 92nd House District candidate, to host meet and greets on Wednesday & Thursday
Patriot-News: Penn State board of trustees election voting begins
York Dispatch: Survey: Gas prices might have peaked

North by Northwest:
Erie Times-News: Erie County GOP spring dinner set
Erie Times-News: Should tea party be allowed to march in Millcreek’s parade?
Erie Times-News: Parent company of Erie casino to manage and run new hotel
Erie Times-News: Earll to be honored at Erie Regional Chamber dinner
Erie Times-News: Erie County Democratic Party to hold dinner, candidates night
Sharon Herald: Congressman visits CareerLink
Courier Express: Jefferson County cuts jury commissioners

The Inquirer: Maher for auditor better for GOP
The Inquirer: Is faith at odds with education?
Daily News: Letters: 2nd Amendment and brainless hypocrites
Daily News: Supreme Court tells human dignity to bend over
Pottstown Mercury: Democrats’ path leads to higher debt, taxes
Pottstown Mercury: Obamacare’s 2,700 pages prove too much for justices
Pottstown Mercury: ‘War on Women’ rhetoric a smokescreen by Democrats
Courier Times: No more taxpayer-guaranteed pensions
New York Times: Goodbye, Rick Santorum
The Washington Post: In Gettysburg, Rick Santorum surrenders the fight
Post Partisan: Rick Santorum bows out
Tribune Review: Santorum’s economics: a poor record
Post Gazette: Job dropouts: The candidates must focus on creating employment
Post Gazette: Corbett didn’t keep his campaign promises
Johnstown Tribune Democrat: Bicycling got a little safer
Erie Times-News: Letters to the editor: Property owners face tax nightmare
Erie Times-News: Parker: Do we want Romney “unzipped?”
Erie Times-News: Goldberg: Obamacare will be Romney’s savior
Erie Times-News: Robinson: Rubio leads list of GOP vice presidential choices
Times Tribune: Apparently, you don’t need to know lawmakers fail to reveal total of legislature’s huge surplus
Times Tribune: STOCK Act partial reform
Citizens Voice: Safety over serving gun lobby
The Daily Review: ‘Hold’ rule should be abolished
The Daily Review: How deep are the state Legislature’s pockets?
Patriot News: Op/Ed: Pennsylvania GOP insiders need to listen
Patriot News: Op/Ed: School cuts are possible without classroom harm
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Morning Call: President Obama acts like a king
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North Pittsburgh Politics: Pittsburgh Councilman Kraus endorses Molchany in HD-22
Keystone Politics: RIP Rick Santorum’s political career
Keystone Politics: Why is the League of Women Voters censoring debates?
Keystone Politics: PA-12: Jason Altmire doubles down on economy-destroying Balanced Budget Amendment
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Keystone Progress: Philly mock bake sale for public education Thursday
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Third and State: A recovery for the 1%
NEPArtisan: PA-17: Cartwright ahead in internal poll
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Keystone State Education Coalition: Gates Foundation joins Kraft, Coca Cola, others in withdrawing support for ALEC
Commonwealth Foundation: Good teachers matter
Commonwealth Foundation: Think union dues aren’t used for politics? Think again

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