4/18 Morning Buzz

Monday is the deadline to register to vote for the primary in May. Aw who are we kidding – everyone who reads the buzz is already registered to vote.

Our friends at Capitol Ideas have the behind-the-scenes story on the delay on vouchers in the State Senate, and why some rural Republicans are worried about taking a very tough vote.

In case you missed it, we took a look at how the statewide GOP candidates did at last weekend’s PA Leadership conference of conservative activists.

Our April Fools coverage picked up another real link in the press, this time in MSNBC (h/t Montco PA Dem for the catch).

Senator Casey had quite a week, and it continued into Friday. First, word broke of his $1.1 fundraising quarter. Then he began to take heat over his vote not to defund Planned Parenthood. And if that wasn’t eventful enough, a Friday poll showed him with tepid approval numbers, but standing head and shoulders in all hypothetical matchups.

In other news, Friday was tax day and Tea Party groups around the state held rallies for the occasion. It looks like the Pittsburgh group won the day.

And in the most charming feature from last week, PA Public Radio’s Scott Detrow reports on a Q&A between Governor Corbett and some spirited middle schoolers.

Good morning politicos, and welcome to the buzz.

PoliticsPA Reports

Public Policy Polling: Sen. Casey Has Weak Approval Numbers But Holds Large Leads
Is Bob Casey vulnerable for reelection? Our newest Pennsylvania poll provides data you can use to argue it either way. On one hand he has weak approval numbers- only 39% of voters approve of the job he’s doing to 35% who disapprove- you can certainly get defeated with those kinds of numbers. On the other hand he leads seven potential opponents for next year that we tested against him by anywhere from 12 to 23 points- you’ll pretty much never get defeated with those kinds of numbers.

How Statewide GOP Candidates Did At PLC (w/ Video)
We wanted to bring you this bit of followup about the folks who have to walk that line between Tea Party and GOP. Here’s how the statewide candidates did at PLC.

Santorum Wins National Home Schoolers Straw Poll
Christian Home Educators Association of California and the Home School Legal Defense Association hosted the first annual Pacific Home School Super Conference last week. The conference brought over 1,200 home schoolers to participate in activities that included the Presidential Forum and the straw poll. Rick Santorum swept the poll receiving a total of 28% of the vote.

Pennsylvania Ave.: Sen. Casey Slammed By Pro-Life Groups After Planned Parenthood vote
Senator Bob Casey voted Thursday to keep federal funding of Planned Parenthood intact. Casey, who is pro-life, quickly became the target of pro-life groups angry about his vote according to the Pennsylvania Avenue blog.

Sen. Toomey Takes the Lead in Senate GOP Budget
Freshman GOP Senator Pat Toomey is preparing an ambitious budget plan that would balance the budget more than twice as fast as the plan recently released by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI).

DCCC Hits Fitzpatrick on Day 100… Plus 1
The DCCC had to wait one extra day to celebrate Rep. Fitzpatrick’s 100th day. They took the opportunity to remind the press about his embarrassing ‘oathgate’ scandal.

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