AG Pays $1.4M to Firm for Gansler Report Work

moneyThe bill has finally come due.

Attorney General Bruce Beemer announced today that the AG’s office has come to an agreement with BuckleySandler LLP over the cost of the Gansler Report.

The firm initially billed the OAG $1,823,685.20. They settled on $1,435,588.90.

“This agreement will allow the Office of Attorney General to move forward,” Attorney General Beemer stated. “With the new administration set to begin its work next week, it was imperative to resolve this issue and put the office in the best possible position for the future.”

The Gansler Report concerned the exchange of lewd and pornographic emails among members of the Attorney General’s office.

January 11th, 2017 | Posted in Front Page Stories, Harrisburg | 1 Comment

One thought on “AG Pays $1.4M to Firm for Gansler Report Work”

  1. Apple of Your Turdseye says:

    Beemer feels vindicated now that he has protected the “public” from finding out who actually was doing the porn while collecting taxpayer-funded salaries. No need to pay full price for a report that nobody saw…because we successfully buried it to protect fellow peepers.

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