Axelrod: Americans Trust Obama More Than GOPers on the Economy

By Keegan Gibson, Managing Editor

The Democratic National Committee isn’t talking 2012 re-election politics this morning. Instead, as the President travels to Pittsburgh, they’re sticking to the substance of the American Jobs Act.

Senior White House Strategist David Axelrod argues in a memo that Barack Obama’s administration has the upper hand – and national support – for the jobs bill.

“Since introducing the American Jobs Act (AJA), the American people have rallied around President Obama’s call for Congress to pass this plan,” he posits.

“In an early September, 43% supported the AJA and 35% were opposed (CNN/ORC Poll 9/11/11). After three weeks of advocacy by the President, support has grown by nearly 10% so that 52% support the plan with 36% opposed (ABC/Washington Post Poll 10/5/11).”

Read the full memo below.

Subtly noting that Republicans in Congress aren’t exactly the most popular either, the DNC points to several national polls showing that Americans trust the President more than Republicans on the economy.

The RNC today sent out a memo critiquing the President and his jobs bill this.

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Memo — Americans Support Passage of the Jobs Act – Axelrod

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