Barletta Announces Campaign Team

Congressman Lou Barletta (R-Luzerne) announced his Senate campaign leadership team.  

“I am excited to announce this experienced team of professionals who have a track record of winning tough races in Pennsylvania and across the country,” Barletta said in a release announcing the team.  

The campaign is being managed by Cody Jones, who ran state Sen. John Rafferty’s campaign for Attorney General in 2016 after running Congressman Ryan Costello’s (R-Chester) Congressional campaign.  Barletta’s longtime Communications Director will be the campaign’s Deputy Campaign Manager.  

The campaign’s finance team is being lead by Finance Director Caitlin Wohlfarth Franklin and senior finance advisor Kristin Nash.  The region finance advisors are Kristin Corrigan, David Grim, and Maria Diesel.

January 12th, 2018 | Posted in Front Page Stories, Senate | 17 Comments

17 thoughts on “Barletta Announces Campaign Team”

  1. Herb says:

    Lou must go. He ruined Hazleton now the country is next
    with him as Senator

    1. Herb says:

      Good bye Lou.

  2. Lila James says:

    Which one of these pros are from a sh*thole county?

  3. Uncle Charlie says:

    Jon Anser is a great guy. Does a great job. Will be a great Deputy. Fundraising team actually looks super impressive. Grim is a beast. Cody Jones is unimpressive as the person running the show.

  4. Bratwurst Farts says:

    Heard the Cody Jones kid is a stud..

    1. Mel Kiper Jr. Jr. says:

      You should draft him on your fantasy team

  5. loreenp says:

    Congressman Lou: how about putting in a law that any country that doesnt make a serious attempt to stop the flow of drugs from their county lose ALL foreign aid from us?

    That would be more effective in dealing with the opioids than a lot of talk, talk, talk and a lot of grandstanding by elected officials.

    You could win on that issue alone and help stop the terrible addictions.

    1. Rick Santorum Jr. Jr. says:

      How about people in this country stop doing drugs?

      1. loreenp says:

        Where have you been the last 4 decades? Thats been the “solution.”
        Now its time to stop it where it starts: the supply.

  6. Johnny Bannanas says:

    Lou should join the circus with his big nose and fake tan.

  7. Bono says:

    LOU’s finance team will never raise anything close to what Casey ultimately takes in.

    1. Steve Harmanos says:

      Depends on how much the Koch brothers are willing to put up

  8. Smartee says:

    Looking forward to casting my vote for Lou Barletta for Senate!

  9. Smartee says:

    Looking forward to voting for Lou Barletta for Pennsylvania Senate!

    1. Lisa YoungMorris says:

      You got mine,can you get POTUS to endorse Paul Mango since your not going for governor,I have been informing people about him.So you are a shoe in with us as long as it don’t turn into Hazelton since You left.

  10. Hot Dog Burp says:

    Is Cody Jones wearing socks yet?

  11. Chester A Barfer says:

    If I were Cody Jones I’d want off the Paul Mango sinking ship too.

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