Barletta Signs BrabenderCox for Senate Bid

BarlettaCongressman Lou Barletta’s (R-Luzerne) Senate campaign is listed as one of the clients for BrabenderCox.  

In the Pittsburgh Business Times’ list of “Largest Pittsburgh-area Public Relations Firms” BrabenderCox was listed at number six and included “Barletta for U.S. Senate” on its list of clients.  

The inclusion of Barletta’s Senate campaign continues to point towards a run by Barletta who is expected to make a public announcement soon.  

BrabenderCox also lists Mango for Governor as a client as well.

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6 thoughts on “Barletta Signs BrabenderCox for Senate Bid”

  1. rsklaroff says:

    htt p:// m/2017/08/28/barletta-set-to-announce-senate-campaign/


  2. Bernie says:

    I don’t think there’s been a story about Varletta in six months in which John Brabender was not quoted. This isn’t news.

  3. rsklaroff says:

    it is hoped that he won’t go-negative, as Jeff did

  4. Bra-Bilker says:

    Smart move?

    Bra-Bilker is washed up and most over-rated consultant out there. He is the master at bilking clients MILLIONS like Corbett, Welch and Santorum – while they go down in flames.

    He screwed up Turzai – Klink as well…go ask the Speaker what he thinks of him and how he screwed up his race.

    It’s amazing that anybody with a brain would hire this guy.

    Mango is about to be bilked so grab your ankles Paul. And Barletta is just a yes man to DC establishment so they probably pushed him on poor Lou.

    Waiting for Bra-Bilker defenders to say he elected Ridge and Santorum. No he didn’t the WAVE of 1994 did.

    And when the Republican wave swept across the nation in 2014 and saved vulnerable Govs like Synder, LePage and Walker, Bra-Bilker’s inept campaign left Corbett vanquished by 10 points.

    Pathetic but hey John Bra-Bilker made a fortune so it’s all good.

  5. john says:

    Smart move.. Hire them to clear the decks at the Party convention….

  6. The death of journalism says:

    This was known months ago

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