Biz Groups Back Freed

Pennsylvanians For Effective Government (PEG) and the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Tuesday announced their support of Republican Attorney General candidate David Freed.

PEG is the affiliated PAC of the Pa. Business Council and the state’s oldest pro-business political action committee.

This choice comes as no surprise, as both organizations have overwhelmingly supported Republican candidates in the past.  The National Federation of Independent Business endorsed only Republicans in the 2010 congressional elections and endorsed fewer than half-a-dozen Democrats statewide.

Currently serving as Cumberland County District Attorney, Freed was described by Pennsylvania Business Council President & CEO David Patti in a press release as “a proven prosecutor who understands business, civil, and criminal law.  David Freed will be the kind of Attorney General the business community trusts.”

State Director of the National Federation of Independent Business Kevin Shivers said, “David Freed has the right experience, temperament and record of accomplishment that will enable him to be a terrific state attorney general…David is uniquely qualified to to defend the people of Pennsylvania while upholding the rights of entrepreneurs and families to lawfully own, operate, and grow their businesses.”

Freed is the lone Republican on the ballot.

The Democratic candidates are Kathleen Kane and Patrick Murphy, as well as Independent Don Bailey.  The PA AFL-CIO announced its endorsement of Murphy in March, while candidate Kane boasts the support of former President Bill Clinton.

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