BREAKING: PA Society Will Have to Move

Waldorf AstoriaThe Pennsylvania Society event has been held in the Waldorf Astoria since 1899.

This year, however, will be the last to be held there for awhile. Perhaps it will be the last ever held there.

That’s because the legendary hotel is set to undergo a major renovation in the spring of 2017 that will led to the building being closed for up to three years.

The Anbang Insurance Group, a Chinese company, bought the hotel in 2015 for $1,95 billion.

“We are currently developing conceptual plans and will share additional details once those plans are finalized,” they stated.

It appears the remodeling will involve removing most of the rooms in order to create luxury condos instead.

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10 thoughts on “BREAKING: PA Society Will Have to Move”

  1. Waaaaevilbrother says:

    I like the event. It shows the batting order for which pol is going to jail next in PA. It has nothing to do with Pennsylvania issues and everything to do with who is on the take in PA politics. Waaaaa is a bitch.

  2. Wrong side of the bed says:

    It’s a Wall Street event about controlling Harrisburg. Always has been.

  3. Mr. T says:

    The event can be moved to PA as soon as the Rockettes, Broadway and Rockefeller Center move to Philly.

  4. WAH ... wahhhhhhhhhhh ... WAH says:

    I don’t like it when people question ME and MY choices. WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Bucks Barrister says:

    TRUMP PLAZA, where else would you go now!

  6. Porter Randolph says:

    No way this group of feckless corporate scum will stop embarrassing themselves and their fellow Pennsylvanians by actually holding this event in the Keystone State. No Waldorf Astoria? There are only about 300 other luxury hotels in Manhattan to choose from. And hey, I hear Secaucus, NJ is super nice in December.

  7. Waaaaaa says:

    Waaa. It should be held in PA. Waaa. Someone is spending their money somewhere else while elected officials spend their free time where they want. Waaa.Waaa.Waaa. I should be able to tell everyone what and when they should do it. Waaaaaaaaaa.

  8. Pat Unger says:

    Wonder if Seth Williams will be hanging with the Dems or Repervlicans this year!?!

    I wonder if he can even afford a room and a train ticket. He is broke and friendless.

  9. PADem says:

    omg PA society might have to be held in PENNSYLVANIA for once! The horror!

  10. Montco PA Dem says:

    It should move to PA…permanently. Pittsburgh one year, Philly the next. Or, here’s something radical, kill this outdated and corrupt event altogether.

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