Capitol Building Upgrades Won’t Be Completed by Wolf’s Inauguration

pa-state-capitol-b175d9a07740ecf3An upgrade to the Capitol Building’s East End is looking to give Governor-elect Tom Wolf a less than scenic inauguration ceremony.

A construction team is currently working on a $19 million renovation project right in the area where Wolf is set to have his inauguration. The construction isn’t expected to be completed by the time Wolf takes his oath of office.

Despite the construction, James Henning, from the Pennsylvania Department of General Services insists that the area will be “presentable for the inauguration,” and that “cosmetically, it is expected that there will be nothing to interfere with how it looks.”

As a result of the construction, all of the greenery and shrubs have been removed from the East Wing plaza. In addition, spools of wiring are exposed and part of the fountain is disassembled.

Crews are currently working to replace the roofing and lighting, in addition to making repairs on the water fountain. The project is currently about 20% complete, and being worked on by several construction companies.

The expected completion date will be sometime in February of 2016.

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    We live in PA folks stop having outdoor ceremonies in January. Ridiculous

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