Clean Campaign Pledge in PA-11 Gets Two Signatories

11th Congressional candidate Dan Meuser proposed a “clean campaign pledge” for him and his fellow Republican opponents to sign onto to “not speak ill of any other Republican.”  So far, only former RNC delegate Andrew Shecktor has joined the pledge.

The pledge follows Ronald Reagan’s “11th Commandment” of not speaking ill of other Republicans, even during campaigns.  

“I believe it is critical to the people of the 11th Congressional District that each candidate pledges to run positive, robust, fact-based primary campaigns,” Meuser said in an email calling on supporters to sign a petition to urge the other candidates to sign the pledge.

Earlier this year, PA GOP Chairman Val DiGiorgio sent a memo to Republican candidates calling for similar campaign tactics.  

“As the races for 2018 have heated up, several party leaders and county GOP chairs  have asked me to communicate a directive that all candidates keep their focus on the issues and to avoid attacking personal attacks,” DiGiorgio said in the memo.  

Businessman Andrew Lewis’s campaign does not believe such pledges are necessary in the campaign.  

“Andrew is someone of the utmost integrity. As a devout Christian, as a veteran, and as a father he’ll certainly run a campaign his children can be proud of. Andrew doesn’t need a gimmicky pledge from one of his opponents to run an honest campaign focused on the issues impacting our community,” Lewis’s campaign manager Joe Desilets told PoliticsPA.  

PoliticsPA has also reached out to state Rep. Stephen Bloom (R-Cumberland) for comment on this story.

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9 thoughts on “Clean Campaign Pledge in PA-11 Gets Two Signatories”

  1. You Already Know says:

    Reading about integrity and ‘our community’ from Joe Desilets is laughable.

  2. Chris Hack(ett) says:

    Dan Meuser sure as hell didn’t have any problem attacking me!!!!!!

    1. UpUpAndAway says:

      To the person who keeps impersonating Chris Hackett on this site, hate to break it to you but the REAL Chris Hackett endorsed Dan Meuser for Congress this week. If you would like to see Dan Meuser’s campaign Facebook page, there is a post about that endorsement from Wednesday–and a photo of Mr. Hackett doing so! Nice try.

  3. The Jerk Store says:

    Looks like Andy is doubling down on a losing campaign with Joe “Can’t Buy A Bucket” Desilet…

    1. Definitely Not Joe Desilets says:

      I have the greatest fans in the world #Thankful #Blessed

      1. Red PA says:

        We’re lucky Trump won PA. No thanks to Joe Desilets. Central PA was going to vote Trump no matter what, Joe had absolutely zero impact on the race. He was a mediocre staffer and now he’s running a mediocre candidates campaign. It’s the perfect fit!

    2. George C says:

      Oh yeah? Well the jerk store called and they’re running out of you!

  4. David Diano says:

    So, is this how they get around “not speaking ill” of Roy Moore?

    1. Sans Souci says:

      Lol! Meuuser has much to hide.

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