Commonwealth Court: First Quarter Republican Fundraising

seal_commonwealth - 001469Fundraising totals for the first quarter have been released for the uncontested race for the Republican nominations for the Commonwealth Court, and we are breaking down the numbers.

Judge Christine Fizzano Cannon and Paul Lalley are running for the two open seats on the Commonwealth Court.  

Fizzano Cannon ended the quarter with $131,265.88 cash on hand, and Lalley ended with $39,360.  Fizzano Cannon’s fundraising efforts were strong bringing in $145,650 in the quarter.  Lalley’s fundraising lagged behind, raising $54,000.  

Both candidates received the endorsement of the PA GOP, which helped to clear the primary field for them.  This will allow them to continue to build their war chests going into the general election, rather than spending money in a contested primary.

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  2. gulag Pittsburgh says:

    Are any Dems running for this court seat?

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