[Updated]: Corbett Admin Adds New Staff

Katie True

Katie True

Another day, another change to the Corbett Administration. Although this time the Governor is announcing some new additions to his staff rather than exits.

John Micek of the Patriot-News reported that Gov. Corbett will name Lynn Lawson his new communications director. She is most well known as former Governor Tom Ridge’s former campaign press secretary.

The news comes just one day after Corbett’s long-time press secretary Kevin Harley resigned and moved to a GOP PR firm.

Lawson won’t be the only new addition to the Governor’s staff. Corbett also named former state Rep. Katie True (R-Lancaster) his new Secretary of Legislative Affairs.

“Katie True is an experienced advocate for Pennsylvania’s working families,” Corbett said in a press release. “We look forward to having her on the team as we work to enact our legislative agenda in the fall and beyond.”

“I am grateful for the opportunity Governor Corbett has afforded me, which allows me to work with the General Assembly on an agenda that will unite us for the benefit of the citizens of our commonwealth,’’ True said. “I look forward to the challenge.”

True was serving as Commissioner of the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs which is part of the PA Department of State. True previously served as a state representative from 1993 to 2000 and again from 2003 to 2010.

Corbett’s ineffective relationship with the state legislature has been a serious weakness of his tenure. True’s longstanding relationships with her former colleagues could help ease future dealings.

True will replace interim Secretary Andrew Ritter according to the Post-Gazette. The Governor’s original secretary, longtime Corbett aide Christopher Carusone, left in July.

With a new team falling into place, the Governor must now set his sights on the fall legislative session and next year’s election.

No new press secretary (a separate position) has yet been named.

Update: Governor Tom Corbett today officially announced the appointment of Madelyn (Lynn) Lawson as Director of the Governor’s Office of Communications.

“Lynn brings a significant record of accomplishment in developing and implementing communications plans,” Corbett said. “I am pleased to have her expertise heading into the upcoming legislative session where the legislative leaders and I plan to build on our jobs record and pursue new policies to improve job growth and career opportunities for Pennsylvanians.”

“Governor Corbett’s commitment to Pennsylvania and to his policies that foster job growth, educational excellence and public accountability made it easy to accept when the opportunity to join his team was presented,” Lawson said. “I am extremely enthused to be part of the talented current and new team Governor Corbett has attracted. I look forward to helping the governor share his message of achievement with Pennsylvanians.”

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  1. canalsurfer says:

    Not just another pretty face!

  2. Tom Lafferty says:

    I lold at that TNardi. That aside, the comments on this site have gotten wayyyyy too tinfoil hat.

  3. PAINDY1 says:

    Harrisburg Recess Bar Joke of the Night: How many White women does an Administration need to hire to close a gaping gender gap? Punch line: I’m not sure let’s ask Sue Paterno!

  4. PAINDY1 says:

    I HAVE GIVEN SUCK, AND KNOW HOW TENDER ‘TIS TO LOVE THE BABE THAT MILKS ME; I WOULD, WHILE IT WAS SMILING IN MY FACE, HAVE PLUCK’D MY NIPPLE FROM HIS BONELESS GUMS, AND DASH’D THE BRAINS OUT, HAD I SO SWORN AS YOU HAVE DONE TO THIS. Corbett Wiccans, When is Dark Prince Brabender going to get his? In case you don’t know Loudon County is not in Pennsylvania. It is no wonder that Brabender’s candidates spout such blubbering nonsense. Sam Smith, Joe Scarnatti, Dom Pileggi and Mike Turzai, let’s impose a BRABENDER TAX. It is time to recoup some of those Loundon County dollars back to Pennsylvania.

  5. SOUL-MLK-2014 says:

    Dear Renee Amoore: The Underground Railroad still stops in Harrisburg. Flee these crazy white women and Rob Gleason before it’s too late!

  6. Concerned citizen says:

    Madelyn Lawson is an excellent choice and the Commonwealth and the Governor are lucky to have her.

  7. Katie True was among the many GOP legislators who directed campaign checks to state offices in the Capitol Building: http://bit.ly/14yyj07

  8. Furious Styles says:

    Wow…wittle Andy Ritter passed over AGAIN…maybe he can go back to the House GOP and Whip that closet into shape.

  9. delco observer says:

    Boy… this is something. He needs to go to retreads from the Ridge administration to try and get his mojo back?

  10. TNardi says:

    An agenda for make benefit of glorious citizens of commonwealth…

  11. PAINDY1 says:

    COME YOU SPIRITS THAT TEND ON MORTAL, THOUGHTS, UNSEX ME HERE, AND FILL ME FROM THE CROWN TO THE TOE TOP-FULL OF DIREST CRUELTY! Holy Mother of God! Corbett’s Camelot is quickly turning into the Court of Lady Macbeth! GD: Now I’ll have to prove I’m a WICCAN to get a position now! This is not fair. I’m a sincere TAKER!

  12. An agenda “for the benefit of the citizens of our commonwealth” ??

    So, she’s going to help the Democrats to undo all the stuff Corbett’s and the GOP have been doing the past few years?

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