Corbett Flubs SC Vacation Home Disclosure

Tom Corbett

Tom Corbett

Gov. Tom Corbett is in hot water following the purchase of a vacation home in South Carolina. He did not make mention of the home in his yearly financial disclosure report, StateImpactPA reports.

Corbett and his wife, Susan, purchased the Hilton Head home for $265,000. According to the Associated Press, deed and mortgage documents related to the purchase were filed last December.

In accordance with the Governor’s Code of Conduct, put in place via a 1984 executive order by Gov. Dick Thornburgh, the Governor is required to report transactions such as the purchase of a home in his annual financial disclosure.

According to StateImpactPA, Corbett spokeswoman Kelli Roberts said Corbett was confused by the language of the requirement. It excludes primary residences and because of this, Roberts said, he assumed he could exclude the vacation property as well.

“It’s not something anyone is trying to hide,” Roberts told StateImpactPA.

She concluded by saying the financial disclosure would be amended to include the purchase.

Corbett isn’t the only official to have neglected to report a home purchase.

StateImpact reported that former DEP Secretary Michael Krancer also failed to report his 2012 purchase of a $1 million property in Vermont.

Krancer, who resigned earlier this year to work in the private sector, also made his transaction last December, while still serving in the Corbett administration.

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15 thoughts on “Corbett Flubs SC Vacation Home Disclosure”

  1. Charles Almon says:

    I will bet he looked STUNNING in the ball gown.

  2. Charles Almon says:

    Kiss my assets!

  3. Tom Lafferty says:

    +1 for Guzzardi on that. While I don’t necessarily think its squarely on those people alone, you’re right- the messaging by this team has been atrocious. He’s been getting pummeled every day for years and there’s been no punching back, only bobbing and weaving. To echo what Dr. Sklaroff said, these guys have a major issue with optics.

    Even with the legislature out of session, and even if he were skinnier, I can guarantee that you wouldn’t see Chris Christie in a f*cking kayak.

  4. Tom Corbett’s strong suit is his leadership on growing Pennsylvania’s economy and jobs with Marcellus Shale. Yet, the communication geniuses, barely, mention this while the Leftist/Marxist anti-capitalist faux environmentalists hammer him relentlessly. John Hangar is demonizing Tom Corbett with exaggerations and omissions of fact. Corbett is on the right side of this issue and his messengers can’t seem to message his strongest issue. EVERY Democrat opposes him. You are for growth or you are a Democrat. The Ds do not compromise on this one. Gas production already has 1000s of pages of regulation. There are independents who can make the case better than incompetent loser hacks John Brabender and Leslie Gromis-Baker who distain the grassroots.

  5. John Brabender’s made a fortune consulting for Rick Santorum’s losing 2006 campaign. Rick Santorum was two term Senator bringing 10s of millions of pork to Penna and Brabender could not come up with compelling message.

    Leslie Gromis Baker was, and probably still is, a close ally of former President Pro Tem Robert Jubelirer, another porker bringing millions to his district.

    When your team has Leslie Gromis-Baker and John Brabender, I would think one would consider betting on the other team.

  6. PAINDY1 says:

    Is Brabender producing the UPMC Fear ads? Could this be true? I hope COS Gromis-Baker can negotiate a good price from her SCOTTY for those invasive ultra-sounds that TEAPARTY Tom and his role-model Ultra-Sound Bob McDonnell like so much. WHAT CAN THE DEVIL SPEAK TRUE?

  7. Robert B. Sklaroff, M.D. says:

    “Corbett was confused by the language of the requirement; it excludes primary residences and he assumed he could exclude the vacation property as well.”

    Did he REALLY think a vacation property [in SC] could also serve as a primary residence [when he lives in PA]?

    The optics are highly problematic.


    If I had a vacay home in SC, I’d live there ALLLLLLLLL DAAAAAAAAYYY lol.
    Makes sense he got confused, haha

  9. PAINDY1 says:

    When you study the very close incestuous relationship that COS Gromis-Baker has with Dark Prince John Brabender, you have to wonder if the PA government isn’t really run by Mr. Brabender himself? Are PA voters ready to accept 4 more years of rule under this Virginia consultant? The role of Mr. Brabender in the shadows of PA Government raises many questions: what advice did he give to his client Tom Corbett, when the Sandusky matter first hit the AG’s office? Did John Brabender have the same overly large role in Corbett’s AG adminstration as he has now? Is Gromis-Baker really Brabender’s watch dog?

  10. jjcnpa says:

    Vacation home soon to be his retirement home…

  11. PAINDY1 says:

    FAIR IS FOUL AND FOUL IS FAIR! A small mistake on a disclosure form shouldn’t be a problem. But we are living the shadows of Virginia, where TEAPARTY Tom’s favorite governor, Ultrasound Bob McDonnell faces a huge scandal, along with his sidekick successor, The Cuc.
    s-giftgate-scandal-grows/ By the way, isn’t COS GROMIS BAKER and our Dark Prince Brabender invested together in a major internet venture? Is the 2014 Corbett campaing another JV to fleece the hard-earned dollars of GOP donors to finance the Funeral Train of TEAPARTY Tom. Everything in the PAGOP is run for the benefit of the TAKERS and standing #1 is John Brabender and his minions, most currently the Corbett Wiccans. This picture is getting more like the Court of the MACBETHS by the minutes.

  12. Tom Lafferty says:

    In a brilliant political move, the Corbett team has spent the last 3 years executing strategic screw ups so that stuff like this goes relatively unnoticed. Also, this is the first time I’ve heard a communications department use stupidity as a tactic.

  13. Bob says:

    What about the free vacations from the frackers, and the ball gown, and the crooked son in law, and the ties to arch criminal Bob Asher, bungling the PSU suit, 0 for 3 in budget priorities, allowing gay marriage outside Philly? The list is endless with this clown.

  14. “According to StateImpactPA, Corbett spokeswoman Kelli Roberts said Corbett was confused by the language of the requirement. It excludes primary residences and because of this, Roberts said, he assumed he could exclude the vacation property as well.”

    So, the spokesperson is claiming that Corbett, who was the AG (top lawyer) for the state of PA, is too f*cking stupid to understand the legal difference between “primary residence” and “vacation property” ??

    Even though the statement sounds like complete bullsh*t, in Corbett’s case, it is believable that he really is that stupid. One need only look at Corbett’s attempts to answer questions on VoterID last year for a demonstration of his lack of basic knowledge.

  15. frank says:

    leave this poor guy alone he is gonna lose his job next year lol

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