Costello To End Congressional Run: Report

Republican Congressman Ryan Costello will reportedly end his re-election campaign ahead of the May primary.

According to City & State Costello has told state and local GOP officials that he will drop out ahead of the primary, even though he filed petitions to run in the primary.  

From City & State:

Costello reportedly met with state party chair Val DiGiorgio, former 6th District Congressman Jim Gerlach and several other top Republicans early Friday. According to sources, he indicated that he intended to seek a job in the private sector rather than face a costly reelection fight.

Costello has been considered one of the most vulnerable Republicans in the state, and is facing a primary challenge this year.  

Democrat Chrissy Houlahan is the only Democrat who filed petitions for the race.

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21 thoughts on “Costello To End Congressional Run: Report”

  1. Barricks Einwohner says:

    This guy needs to make his mind up. According to the Reading Eagle this morning, he is still weighing options.Pathetic, a profile in no Courage.

  2. PA For Tabas says:

    Val DiGorgio’s precious Chester County continues to erode. Costello is a wuss and a cry-baby, we already knew that. But Val should have been a little more on top of his hometown Congressman’s decision to screw the party.

    Laurence Tabas would be running circle’s around the PA GOP Val DiGorgio is in charge of. Pathetic.

  3. Bakrey Zissell says:

    Stupid is as stupid does and I’m as stupid as they come.

  4. Angela says:

    Boo Hoo! Ryan can only win when the map is fixed for Republicans. Good Riddance to Ryan Costello!

  5. Frank says:

    What a loser! He should of stood firm ran on his record and potentially won. The tax cuts are a winning issue, middle class families did very well. #maga.

  6. john says:

    When you walk away, its weak…you have all the advantages of $$$ and incumbency…. not a brave soul.

    1. Robert B Sklaroff, M.D. says:

      window into character

  7. ineptval says:

    Well, I can’t blame him. If he was hoping sleazy Val DiGigilo to save his political hide he is smart to read the handwriting on the wall.

    Val D’Gigilo loses Chester for Turmp, London, Rafferty, and Truitt only Rep to lose in 2016

    Then Val presides of greatest electoral bloodbath for GOP since Lousiana Purchare in 2017.

    Val should stick to backroom deals and working with Democrats.

    Maybe Wolf can appoint his wife to a position again.

  8. Sean says:

    I’m thrilled. PA-6 will finally turn blue after I’ve waited over 15 years! YASSS!

  9. Jpaul says:

    A disgrace and a symbol of all that makes Chester County Republicans both mediocre and losers. His support of “tax reform” bill which will hurt middle class and his support for disgraceful “omnibus bill” reflect what a political hack he is. Anyone who would suggest Charlie Dent is a good rep- in the opinion of many must himself be either full of delusions or a party hack. Gerlach and Costello are both hacks- one for Boehner- the other for the revolting Paul Ryan. The Republicans in this State will lose big time this Nov.-not because of Trump or even the Dems- they will lose because they stand for little and collectively represent a level of mediocrity symbolized by this jerk Costello.

  10. Ryan Byebye says:

    I lost faith in him completely when he made a fool if himself arguing on national TV that increasing national debt to give huge tax breaks to top 0.1% was essential for “job creation” in already heated economy. Really!? Anyway, my family will always thank him for unexpected gift. No, we will not create any jobs. Money will go to kids inheritance pool or vacations in foreign countries. But was gratifying to know that this gift to us was made possible by screwing trump voting lower middle class.

    1. DormyStanials says:

      That stupid tax cut is going to cause so much damage to the country for years to come. Couple in the Bush tax cuts and the cost of the Iraq war, not only the cost while it is going on but also decades of paying for the health care of the vets, the Republicans alone have effed this country for decades. The day of reckoning is coming. So Ryan, you’ve done your part to ruin our once great country.

  11. David Diano says:

    Supposedly, he turned in only about 1,200 signatures. This could be a bluff to dissuade opponents from challenging his petitions, before the Tuesday deadline.

  12. PA 05 voter (fair maps are cool) says:

    Such sad news. He couldn’t win without an illegal map in place so he quit. He would have had to actually campaign for the first in his life so he quite. Sad.

  13. Blue Dog Dem says:

    Selfish clown. His constituents would be better served if he stayed to preserve some of his district’s seniority.

  14. Zakrey Bissell says:

    good choice Ryan is to not run for a 3rd term for congress maybe I will support you in a future US Senate run or a governor run in 2022 if Pat Toomey decides to retire or when potentially tom wolf is term limited if he does wins reelection this year though.

    1. PacMan says:

      You know this move makes him politically irrelevant right? He ain’t gonna run for anything ever again unless he decides to return to the county/local level where the snowflake can run in his safe space (which ain’t exactly safe anymore). He’s exposed himself as a political coward.

    2. Bakrey Zissell says:

      bad choice Ryan is to not run for a 3rd term for congress maybe I will not support you in a future US Senate run or a governor run in 2022 if Pat Toomey decides to retire or when potentially tom wolf is term limited if he does wins reelection this year though, but I will maybe is write you in for congress in Delaware where I live.

  15. yerkiddenright says:

    Irony of ironies: By attempting to avoid a potential loss, Costello revealed himself as a certain loser.

  16. David Diano says:

    Such a snowflake.

  17. Montco Resident says:

    A profile in courage.

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