Critz TV Ad Goes Negative a Teensy Bit (With Video)

It’s about time! The TV war in the 12th district got a tiny bit negative today, with Mark Critz unveiling a split negative/positive spot that contrasts his jobs record with Jason Altmire’s support for a Balanced Budget Amendment.

The spot is somewhat softer than expected, especially given the fact that primary day is fewer than 4 weeks away.

“I opposed the Republican Balanced Budget Amendment. Not only would it mean deep cuts to Medicare benefits, it would cut education and high-tech research that creates new jobs,” Critz says. Then he drops the hammer.

Maybe a short-handle, ball-peen hammer:

“Jason Altmire voted for the Republican Balanced Budget Amendment.”

PoliticsPA reported last week that Critz has put most of his bankroll – $500,000 to 600,000, on television. Whereas Altmire, whose internal polling shows him with a 24 point lead, is spending just $300,000 at present.

The Republican candidate is Allegheny County attorney Keith Rothfus.

2 thoughts on “Critz TV Ad Goes Negative a Teensy Bit (With Video)

  1. What’s CritzCaRe? You do know Critz was against Obamas affordable care act? Is CRITZCARE voting to defund womens healthcare (p. Parenthood). Is thatthe critz plan ?

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