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Philadelphia Shipyard versus Fayette County Prison

In: A $42 million government investment to keep the South Philly shipyard operating, reported to preserve up to 1,000 jobs. Out: A $200 million prison construction project in Fayette County, reported to generate approximately 650 jobs in an area where work is sparse.

February 22nd, 2011 | Posted in Front Page Stories | No Comments

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2/22 Morning Buzz

Colbert talks about Rick Santorum’s “google problem.” Larry Medaglie raches out to voters en espanol. PA GOPers try to balance cuts their base wants, and funding the needs of their districts need. And Tom Knox, Ed Rendell and Michael Nutter walk into a hotel, today at 10am.

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Commentary: Why Politicians Should Be More Like Professors

David Perimutter, director of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication and a professor at the University of Iowa, has published an interesting commentary in the Journal of Higher Education. “…The truth is that contemplative, thoughtful, evidence-seeking research, conducted for the purpose of finding answers rather than scoring political points, would better serve our country than puffery, posturing, and cant,” Dr. Perimutter writes.

February 21st, 2011 | Posted in Front Page Stories | 1 Comment

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