EXCLUSIVE: Trump’s PA Delegates Slate

Donald TrumpPennsylvania’s 54 unbound delegates could decide the Republican presidential nomination.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see that the Trump campaign has lined up support from a number of candidates on the April 26th ballot.

PoliticsPA obtained a list of delegates backing Donald Trump’s campaign from a knowledgeable source. That list is presented below:

Lynne Ryan – 3rd Congressional District

Dan Vete – 3rd Congressional District

Jim Keffalas – 3rd Congressional District

Matthew Jansen – 4th Congressional District

Marc A. Scaringi – 4th Congressional District

Joe Sacco – 4th Congressional District

James Klein – 5th Congressional District

Ash Khare – 5th Congressional District

C. Arnold McClure – 5th Congressional District

Wayne Buckwalter – 6th Congressional District

Vicki Lightcap – 6th Congressional District

Jan C Ting – 7th Congressional District

Ralph E Wike III – 7th Congressional District

Barry Casper – 8th Congressional District

Jim Worthington – 8th Congressional District

Sean Shute – 8th Congressional District

Debra Taylor – 9th Congressional District

Cody Raymond Knotts – 9th Congressional District

Joseph Lamantia – 9th Congressional District

Carol D Sides – 10th Congressional District

Tina Pickett – 10th Congressional District

Mario Scavello – 10th Congressional District

David J McElwee – 11th Congressional District

RicK Morelli – 11th Congressional District

Andrew Shecktor – 11th Congressional District

James Vasilko – 12th Congressional District

Joseph Matthew Sernell – 12th Congressional District

Monica Morrill – 12th Congressional District

Gilbert Cox – 13th Congressional District

Lauren E Casper – 13th Congressional District

Tom Ellis – 13th Congressional District

Scott Uehlinger – 15th Congressional District

John K Reber Sr – 15th Congressional District

Patrick Kerwin – 15th Congressional District

Marc Lemon – 16th Congressional District

T Lynette Villano – 17th Congressional District

Gloria Lee Snover – 17th Congressional District

Carolyn L Bonkoski – 17th Congressional District

Justin DePlato – 18th Congressional District

John Petrarca – 18th Congressional District

Thomas J Uram – 18th Congressional District

Altogether, the campaign has thirty-one candidates in fifteen districts.

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77 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Trump’s PA Delegates Slate”

  1. Wyatt Folger says:

    Finally the American people are waking up to the concept of the false Right vs Left Paradigm. Our Politicians have been bought out or blackmailed by New World Order Globalist interests. Ted Cruz is a Globalist. His Wife helped craft the TPP. She is a CAR member and worked for Goldman Sachs. You don’t get in those positions by being a Patriotic American.

    Just look at the rats against Trump. They’re all Globalists.
    China is against Trump
    Mexico is against Trump.

    Our country has been sapped by unfair (to U.S. Citizens ) trade agreements.

    Trump will make America Great again. He will also restore the dignity and respect we once had worldwide.

    Vote for Donald Trump!
    Anything else is a sin.

  2. Chriz Martines says:

    Is that a gopher on dat mudderfucker’s head?

  3. Bob Kodadek says:

    Jan Ting (7th District) is voting for the “good of the party”. The party sucks!


    how can i be sure what district i am in. and which delegates are not fake.

  5. Reasonable Rep says:


    The “RINO” acronym (Republican in Name Only) connotes that the said Republican does not sufficiently subscribe to the political values that underpin the party – specifically, American conservatism.

    To be a Conservative is to embrace the republican values upon which this country was founded. It is to understand that life, liberty and property, as well as other “unalienable” rights, are afforded to every individual, and that the role of the federal government is to secure those rights – not to bring back steel mills, guarantee you a yearly physical or hand out chicken dinners. It is to appreciate that the separation of powers among the three co-equal branches of government is what functions to secure those rights – not one man sitting in the Oval Office remaking government in his own image.

    So if you and Donald Trump’s other useful idiots have a burning desire to be ruled as subjects by an egotistical strongman who couldn’t begin to explain in any detail the republican values that I just laid out…go ahead knock yourselves out.

    But don’t call yourselves Republicans or Conservatives. You’re the real RINO’s.

  6. jim says:

    Audrey, you DO realize that Roe v. Wade sets the pro-life movement, I presume? It’s never getting overturned by anyone. It was one of the most monumental judicial cases in America’s history and it’s going nowhere. Take a prozac.

  7. Reasonable Rep says:

    “You rich folk best not try to steal this nomination from Mr. Trump.”

    One of the funnier moments of this campaign was when Christie – who’d known Trump previously and consistently called him “Donald” from the start – was forced to suddenly start referring to him as “Mr. Trump” as a precondition for tagging along on Trump’s plane.

    The useful idiots who sing the praises of “Mr. Trump” aren’t unlike those who devoted themselves to the “Führer” in Germany or to the “Dear Leader” in North Korea. These people have no appreciation for the principles on which our country was founded, and would rather be ruled as subjects by a strongman than served as free men by a President.

    Anyway, for those who haven’t been brainwashed yet, I’ll point out that a candidate who’s only been able to muster 37% of the vote is not entitled to the Republican nomination, and so it cannot be “stolen” from him. The system is designed for the frontrunner to receive a disproportionately high share of bound delegates for the 1st ballot – which Trump has – and he still won’t garner a majority at the convention.

    When the majority of delegates – consistent with the will of the voters – decline to hand Trump the nomination, he will take his ball and go home. Everything he does between now and then is aimed at saving face so that he can point them blame elsewhere in the aftermath, rather than own up to his own failures.

  8. Jpaul says:

    Defeat Toomey and Costello-
    Both are incompetent political hacks- as payback for their failure to commit to Trump let’s send these political pimps into retirement in November- Kasich is an old boy political hack- worst thing for Nation is Republican establishment who stand for Nothing. It is Trump thats the issue- it’s weasels like Rynan, McConnell, Toomey, Dent, Costello and Meehan- better Hiliary, Chuck and even Nancy.
    RINOs stink!

  9. Anon says:

    Sorry that was supposed to be @Margaret Morze. Though John, I agree with you.

  10. Anon says:

    @ John Galt – Jan Ting initially wasn’t saying who he supported but later pledged support for Trump. I’ve read that he was recruited by the campaign.

  11. Hard Core R says:

    You rich folk best not try to steal this nomination from Mr. Trump.

  12. aaron says:

    Has Fina resigned yet?

  13. Reasonable Rep says:

    To the illiterates who’ve been reduced to pleading for the identities of the delegate hopefuls in the 14th Congressional District and are unable (unsurprisingly) to ascertain this information on their own…

    Only three individuals filed to run for a delegate spot in this Pittsburgh-based district. None, apparently, are Trump supporters.

    Of the thousands and thousands of Republicans in the district, not a one of Trump’s useful idiots completed the few easy steps to get on the ballot. Trump’s crack staff of a campaign team didn’t successfully recruit a single potential delegate.

    “Trump’s useful idiots are uninformed” and “Trump’s delegate outreach effort is woeful” should be widely accepted explanations. Why, instead, do I get the feeling that the 63% of Republicans who’ve refused to acquiesce to this phony will be accused of “stealing” the election from him?

  14. Dennis says:

    Trump’s candidates total 41.

  15. Samantha Savoy says:

    How come the 14the district doesn’t have names yet? Does anyone know Allegheny County, PA delegates are?

  16. Margaret Morze says:

    I live in the 7th Congressional District. According to you, Jan Ting is a Trump supporter. According to Sunday’s Philadelphia Inquirer, Jan Ting is listed as Uncommitted??? Why the discrepancy?

  17. John Galt says:

    More and more I understand how Hitler came to power. Just read some of these comments ^^^

  18. edwin aquino says:

    Spread the word around in your district who are the pro-Trump delegates. I am in District 15, and Don Sherwood and Jeff Haste are not for Trump. Scott Uehlinger, John Reber and Patrick Kerwin are our delegates for Trump.

  19. Lori says:

    I was in contact with Ryan Belz in the 10th district and he said he is a strong Trump supporter. Also John Wells and Mark Stoicheff. This is in contrast to what I believe is true. Maybe Cruz put this list out.

  20. Ardenz says:

    Im a strong Trump supporter and will support no delegate who opposes him or in the first ,or ANY balllot .

    Every Trump voter I know WILL not support the party if the nomination is stolen from him .

    He is cleaning out the party of it’s Globalist narrow minded elements and putting America First .

    The rotten Republican system the last twenty years have gerrymandered the Congressional districts so badly to protect their insanity from the voters so badly people don’t even know where they are !

    The Trump campaign should fully publish who is supporting him .
    I can just imagine the backers of Establishment Goldman Sachs man Creep Cruz ,or George Soros man slouch Kasich would like to slide in place without anybody knowing who they are !

  21. Senator Rutherford B. Cattywampus says:

    Interesting how many illiterate, uninformed, and stupid comments and questions are on the Trump thread. Not surprising.

  22. Mary says:

    @jan Yes, where are the Trump delegates for District 14? I Have searched long and have only one, who is a write in, Donald Neuhaus. Anyone with more info on the 14th, please advise!!

    DeVanney and Meloy were Rubio, now say uncommitted and Linton is for Kasich.



  24. jan says:

    Whereee are dist 14 delegate names why dont we have their names and which candidate they r for..they cant be found on any delegate list.. why r they hiding!!

  25. Alex says:

    I have information about who all the regular delegate candidates are supporting and some of the alternates. Everything is sourced and there is some bonus information too. Please go to http://pennsylvaniarepublicandelegates2016.blogspot.com.

  26. rsklaroff says:

    @ Sandy:

    Perhaps were you to involve yourself into a political party’s activities, your questions would answer themselves.

  27. Sandy says:

    I am 63 years old and I have never voted for delegates. Granted I have been registered No Party, Independent, and Democrat. Why was the primary moved to April? We have always been the second Tuesday in May. We need to get rid of all parties and make every vote count. Why is it that the voter has not been informed? Why are the delegates not bound to declare who they support. Why are we even voting?

  28. Audrey says:

    Trump is not a Conservative and he will set back the Pro-Life movement for a long time to come. He has destroyed the values of the Republican Party. Hope the educated PA Republicans will be able stop him.

  29. gomer says:

    The 1st Congressional District (Brady) only has 3 people running so all three will be elected as delegates for the Republicans.
    Here are 2 of saying how they will or will not decide to vote.

  30. Wayne Buckwalter says:

    Sorry about the typos. Should not have posted from an iPhone. Wayne Buckwalter will 100% vote for Donald Trump on the first and every ballot if elected from district 6 ballot #5. You can count on me! Wayne

  31. Waynw Buckwalter says:

    Wayne Buxkwalter is on the ballot #5 is district 6. Wayne is a dedicated supporter of the first and every ballot if elected. You can count on it!

  32. Porter Randolph says:

    This list is suspect. At best, Trump’s team is assuming they will win CDs and are therefore backing those delegates who say they will vote for the CD winner. At worst, Trump or the source for this story is making this up out of whole cloth and making people look bad (as if they weren’t capable of doing that themselves). Jan C. Ting in the 7th has publicly stated he will vote for the winner of the district. Someone has some explaining to do!

  33. gulagPittsburgh says:

    Joe: What does “p.a.” stand for?
    Pretty Archaic. Possible Aholes. Pandering Aholes. Pledged Aholes. Maybe you start to see a pattern?

  34. BucksMontRepublican says:

    ReasonableRep- I guess I wasn’t clear in what I was trying to say, so I’ll go ahead and agree with you. All I’m saying is Mr. Ellis should stick to his word that he “will support, at least on the first ballot, the Presidential candidate who wins the most votes in the preferential election in the 13th” and not just vote for Trump as a delegate because that’s what he wants.

  35. Dem Operative says:

    Mr. Trump is managing to do what we could not. He is destroying the Republican party. Thanks to him, I am probably going to lose my job.

  36. Reasonable Rep says:

    BucksMontRepublican –

    Your rant is off base. There is nothing wrong with a potential delegate being honest and up front with voters about his intentions at the convention. This is true whether he plans to vote for the district winner on the first ballot, to vote for Kasich for the first 2 ballots, etc. Be up front, state your position and allow the voters to make an informed choice.

    Now, if – for example – Trump’s merry band of useful idiots are too lazy to figure out which potential delegates to cast votes for? That’s their problem. Do some reading and try again in 4 years.

  37. Nate says:

    Hi Claudia! I believe delegates for the RNC are being organized by Congressional district? And I’m not a Philly expert but if you know what your friend’s congressional district is, you should be able to compare it to the list above and find out 🙂

  38. CLAUDIA says:


  39. CLAUDIA RUFF says:


  40. CLAUDIA RUFF says:


  41. BucksMontRepublican says:

    It’s a shame that so many of these delegates pledged to vote with the people of their district less than a month ago and now changed their tunes just to try to stay relevant. Not that long ago, 13th district delegates (Ms. Casper and Mr. Ellis) were both fighting to be a part of exactly what they are now claiming to be against.

    On March 20th, Ellis released the following statement: “I believe the people should have a voice and their votes should be followed, not ignored. If they come out to vote, the delegates should heed their message. Therefore, if elected by the Republican voters in the 13th Congressional district, I will support, at least on the first ballot, the Presidential candidate who wins the most votes in the preferential election in the 13th.” http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2016/03/20/dom-giordano-column-how-your-pa-delegates-are-voting/

    It seems that some politicos tend to forget that the voting process is meant to represent the people, not one’s own personal agenda to get ahead.

  42. Thinking Pennsylvanian says:

    Joe, The answer is yes, your father is still eligible to vote.

  43. Joe says:

    I have called pretty much of the morning to get a simple answer, can my 91year old www 2 vet father vote if he did not vote in 2 years. I got a number that is suppose to answer questions guess what nobody is home 570 501_8683 told mail box is filled sorry. These are paid personal.I was told from a different money’s. What ever that means maybe not the extremely green bills? Should have known p.a for conducting a voting process. All I have to say is that by the looks of things we the voters of p.a are in for a shocker. Hope I am wrong.Delegates for 11th district for trump are out there good luck finding them.

  44. Reasonable Rep says:

    I imagine that, in many cases, Trump’s crack staff of a campaign team would rather roll the dice with “district winner” delegates in hopes of beating those unlikely to back him under any circumstance at the convention (i.e., actual conservatives with actual principles).

  45. flynnbw says:

    Yeah, I specifically heard Tom Ellis say on Smerconish’s CNN show that he will vote for the candidate who wins the 13th District, at least for the first ballot.

  46. Ches-Mont Dem says:

    I’ve also heard that Vicki Lightcap in the 6th would be supporting whoever wins the district, not necessarily Trump…

  47. Greg says:

    Wow, Tom Ellis will really do anything to attempt to stay relevant.

  48. Lou says:

    This list is totally different than others out there and has conflicting information.

  49. JackPoso says:

    Knowledgeable source? You mean the website you linked on your last article but refused to actually report on

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