Followup: Very Few Received Voter ID Mailer

Voter ID Mailer 1

The Pa. DOS Voter ID mailer

The day before the election, a mailer from the Pa. Department of State informed its readers that they would need to present photo ID in order to vote.

“Under a new law, voters are required to show an acceptable photo ID with a valid expiration date when voting on November 6,” the mailer said.

It landed weeks after a Pa. judge granted an injunction blocking the ID requirement.

Democrats loudly criticized the mailer and insinuated that it could be a deliberate, last-minute effort to confuse voters.

But the Pa. Department of State attributed the piece to an error at the Post Office, noting that the piece in question was originally sent to Harrisburg area voters on Sept. 19, before the injunction.

It looks like DOS was right. Months later, just a single confirmed copy of the mailer ever surfaced.

“We found out the night before the election and we didn’t have time to investigate,” said Aren Platt, the Executive Director of the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee, the organization that obtained the mailer. He said the committee didn’t launch a formal investigation.

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5 thoughts on “Followup: Very Few Received Voter ID Mailer”

  1. Dan S. says:

    “Months later, just a single confirmed copy of the mailer ever surfaced.”

    According to who? At least one person showed up with it at my polling place in Harrisburg!

  2. RJ says:

    I got three of them!

  3. LycoGirl says:

    Zero citizens should have received it. Crooks.

  4. ABCDEF says:

    They’re saying that they sent out one copy of the mailer? To a single voter? And that one copy ended up in the hands of the DSCC?

    Come on now. That’s an absurd assertion. Obviously a lot more than one piece of mail was sent to a single voter.

  5. David Diano says:

    The didn’t need to send out the mailings. That commercial they kept running was plenty misleading.

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