Gov Announces “Farm Families for Corbett-Cawley”


Gov. Corbett

Taking full advantage of the state’s Farm Show spirit this week, Governor Corbett will announce “Farm Families for Corbett-Cawley” on Monday at the Farm Show Complex.

Farm Families for Corbett-Cawley will organize and activate members around the state in support of Governor Corbett’s record in the agricultural community.

Under the Governor Corbett administration, the inheritance tax on family farms was eliminated, updates potato packaging laws were made and extended growing seasons were protected from real estate taxes. Governor Corbett gave the PA Preferred trademark permanent status to promote local commodities and increased funding for the PA Farm Show.

During his time as Attorney General, Corbett supported the passage of and enforced the Agriculture, Communities and Rural Environment Act (ACRE) to ensure farmers maintain their right to farm and strike down illegal farming restrictions.

Corbett had a similar support group in 2010, Farm Families for Corbett Coalition. Joining him at the announcement for the 2014 group will be Congressmen Joe Pitts (R-Chester) and Glenn Thompson (R-Centre).

The leadership of Farm Families for Corbett-Cawley includes Chairman Keith Eckel, Sole Proprietor and President of Fred W. Eckel Sons Farms, Inc.; Honorary Chairman, Elder Vogel, Jr., Chairman of the Pennsylvania Senate Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee; and Honorary Chairman John Maher, Chairman of the Pennsylvania House Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee.

Agriculture is Pennsylvania’s #1 industry that supports 63,000 family farms, employs 1-in-7 Pennsylvanians and generates more than $67 billion in economic impact.

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6 thoughts on “Gov Announces “Farm Families for Corbett-Cawley””

  1. elroy hirsch says:

    Citizens of PA,
    Once again, Governor Corbett makes a hypocritical move as a state paid official. Corbett sent legislators and staff to jail for allegedly using their offices for political gain. At the state farm show, the sitting Governor, acting as the chief administrator of the Commonwealth, uses the public opportunity to advance his political agenda. Amazing.

    So, will the Corbett campaign reimburse the state for vehicle mileage to a campaign event? Will the Corbett campaign reimburse the state for his state paid driver? This is clearly “Theft of Service.” The law used by Corbett to send people to jail.

    General Kane should investigate Corbett and indict him according to the Corbett/Fina standard of political abuse.

  2. The Corbett Gas Tax is not farmer friendly. Even the hacks have to be demoralized by Corbett’s polls. I have as much chance of winning in November as Tom Corbett. I think the hacks will be met with intense dissatisfaction by the grassroots Republican voter base.

  3. 13thDistDem says:

    In other words, Corbett-Cawley announces a bunch of Republican elected officials who support him.

    Members of this group:
    US Congressman Joe Pitts (R)
    US Congressman Glenn Thompson (R)
    State Senator Elder Vogel (R)
    State Representative John Maher (R)
    GOP Donor Keith Eckel (who gave Corbett $5k in 2010) (R)

    I’m starting to suspect they are actually afraid of a primary challenge. Either that or they don’t actually care about talking to independents or Democrats.

  4. delco observer says:

    *YAWN*… not news. probably voted for him in the past and would do so again. Our Governor shows no ability to expand from the base.

  5. Clearly, Corbett is hoping these “farm family” will provide his campaign with more horsesh*t.

  6. tommyd says:

    Is this a PoliticsPA article or a Corbett press release? Corbett hasn’t been all that friendly to Rural PA, considering he could not have been elected without the T.

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