Green Party Officially Nominates For Lt. Gov.

Dr. Lee

Dr. Lee

Pennsylvania’s Green Party has officially announced their chosen candidate for lieutenant governor. Dr. Wendy Lynne Lee will join the party’s gubernatorial candidate Paul Glover in an attempt to break into the two-party system.

Lee is a professor of philosophy at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. She specializes in the philosophy of language, the philosophy of animal cognition, environmental and feminist theory. She is known as an active opponent of fossil fuel extraction.

Lee runs a blog called The Wrench, where she states in her profile, “I am a writer. I chose philosophy as the best possible tool with which to wrench into being what I saw to be true, beautiful, and knowable–often uncomfortable compatriots. I have been intimately involved in the feminist movement, the queer identity movement, animal rescue, and the movement for an ecologically desirable future for many years.”

She wrote a book, “Contemporary Feminist Theory and Activism,” and is one of the founding executive members of the Shale Justice Coalition. The group states the following on its site:

It is a coalition of anti-fracking and other environmental groups focused on issues revolving around fossil fuel extraction, particularly but not exclusively, slickwater, horizontal hydraulic fracturing. The aim of the coalition is to share information, event notifications, action-planning, and so on among the various related groups in Pennsylvania in a more timely, efficient, productive fashion in the interest of a common goal: the end of the destruction to health, community and environment posed by fracking and other forms of fossil fuel extraction.

Glover’s own nomination was announced earlier this month. Glover, a Philadelphia entrepreneur and former professor of urban studies at Temple University, said, “I’m pleased to campaign with such an effective advocate for clean water, which is the foundation of our communities, businesses and jobs.”

The chair of the state’s party Jay Sweeney said, “The Green Party of Pennsylvania is proud to offer voters the choice of two prominent thinkers who articulate a vision not only for the Commonwealth but for humanity.”

Getting on the ballot as a third party in Pennsylvania is not an easy feat. While Republican and Democratic candidates only need 1,000 or 2,000 signatures, Pennsylvania’s laws require third party candidates to nab an amount of signatures equal to 2 percent of the total votes received by the most popular candidate for statewide office in the previous general election. This is due to the lack of primaries for third parties in Pennsylvania.

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15 thoughts on “Green Party Officially Nominates For Lt. Gov.”

  1. jnln says:

    Thanks for the coverage of the Green Party! I am happy to have candidates on the ballot who I can support and vote for.

  2. Eric R: I don’t work for Wendy, I consider Wendy a friend of mine. Wendy wrote for us, and we got Wendy to jump on board in 2011.

    I know Wendy from APSCUF meetings as well, and I can tell you that she is very active in her faculty union at Bloomsburg and in Harrisburg.

  3. Eric R says:

    Funny Sean Kitchen comes to Wendy’s defense, I wonder why…

    So you work for Wendy… Interesting. And you’re a 99%er that’s cute.

  4. Sean says:

    No one of course has been thrown off the ballot yet. Brenda Alton could not be bothered to file her petitions on time: not because she was a woman, or a leftist, but just because she is not very bright. Competence knows no gender.

  5. There’s always the stuff she’s published on our page…

  6. Unsanctioned R says:

    There’s always one.
    If you love her so much, invite her to politicspa. She can’t resist a good online diatribe and we’d all love getting a load of her “fact-filled”, scientifically-bereft beliefs.

  7. Me says:

    Unsanctioned R:

    I read the link you posted. From start to finish. I don’t see what the problem is. I kind of love her.

  8. Thank you for the Green Party story.
    The Green Party’s Green New Deal for solar energy jobs, wind energy jobs, Green geothermal energy jobs, rail jobs – all eco for the economy. The Green Party is right. The Green Party positive solutions are what is needed.

  9. Unsanctioned R says:

    Sean, I’m particularly fond of how that bio uses her own quoted lies against her.
    If you want to attack the messenger, try Ms. Lee. She destroys herself.

  10. Robert S says:

    For some reason, only
    the PA. Greens can find a
    qualified and articulate female for state-wide office. The only other Female Candidate for LT
    Governor, Brenda Alton, has already been thrown off the bal lot. Does having one female
    Candidate on the ballot make everyone nervous? I’m not a female by the way but I do appreciate them and feel they should
    have equal rights.

  11. Unsanctioned R likes to use stuff from the gas industry. How cute…

  12. 13thDistDem says:

    So how does this experience qualify Dr. Lee for statewide executive office?

  13. Go Wendy, RCP representin!

    Wendy is far from an “eco terrorist.” The only terrorists are the bigoted white males in Bloomsburg who can’t handle a woman speaking up for herself or the movement she represents.

  14. Unsanctioned R says:

    Ecoterrorist w/o an honest bone in her body. Way to marginalize yourselves even more.

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