Hafer to Plead Guilty to Lying to the FBI

Barbara-HaferFormer State Treasurer Barbara Hafer will plead guilty to lying to the FBI during their investigation into pay to play in Pennsylvania government.  

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Hafer was originally charged with two counts of making false statements, but is pleading guilty to one count Friday morning. The charge carries a sentence of up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.  

Hafer’s indictment stems from an investigation into her relationship with Chester county businessman Richard Ireland.  

Hafer served as Pennsylvania Treasurer from 1997 to 2005.  

Ireland was charged in March, but his charges were dismissed during the trial.

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9 thoughts on “Hafer to Plead Guilty to Lying to the FBI”

  1. Robert Guzzardi says:

    Democrat (formerly a Repulican) Barbara Hafer guilty. DOJ and FBI did their jobs and have successfully prosecuted a number of high profile political corruption cases in Pennsylvania.

    1. MtAiryBill says:

      Will Trump and Sessions be next?

    2. Answer Desk says:

      Political corruption? Lying to the FBI isn’t political corruption, Bob.

  2. john says:

    More PA corruption…now its bipartisan!

    1. Answer Desk says:



    The example here is never talk to anyone in Law Enforcement they are not your friend and can trip up even the Best Lawyer that talks to them ! You have a 5 th amendment to keep your Mouth Shut so Zip it or go to Jail ! They can’t put you in jail for Lying if you keep your Mouth Shut !


      You have a 5th Amendment right to KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT so SHUT UP

      1. Chuckie Porter the rat says:

        Ditto…but who’s listening? Only the effete bee eye, and dat’s why la familia dodged this bullet. Cash for kids, the Luzerne county government scandals and our airport lease misdeal…we didn’t give ’em nothin’ and everybody shut up about us. It’s called enforced democracy…learned it fro Trump.

  4. Chuckie Porter the rat says:

    Oink! My screwy little tail is really wagging now. I hope she gets work release so that she can pay back the money taken from her little pigeon’s heirs. Or…she could “Run, Barbara, Run!”

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