HD-36: Keystone Progress PAC Releases Pro-Molchany Ad (VIDEO)

The ad war in HD-36 took another step today as the first outside group, Keystone Progress PAC, aired their first commercial.

The spot is in support of State Rep. Erin Molchany who is running against State Rep. Harry Readshaw in an example of redistricting forcing two incumbents from the same party to face off against each other.

State Rep. Molchany was the first ever candidate endorsed by Keystone Progress PAC.

The ad begins by pointing out the areas included in the newly re-drawn district and then seeks to identify Molchany as the “real” Democrat in the race. Appropriately, the spot is titled “Choice.”

“One candidate for State Representative supports equal pay for equal work,” the narrator states. “The other opposes women’s rights and even supported Tom Corbett’s forced ultrasound bill.”

The narrator then goes on to point out that Molchany is holding UPMC accountable while Readshaw is taking money from Republicans.

“One candidate stands up for our Democratic values,” the spot concludes. “The other sounds more like, well, a Republican.”

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3 thoughts on “HD-36: Keystone Progress PAC Releases Pro-Molchany Ad (VIDEO)”

  1. 13thDistDem says:

    I think this is decent. The ending is a little trite, using “Republican” so close in proximity. But whatever. I think they should also use the name “Erin Molchany” as in *saying* it.

  2. Brownsville Barry says:

    Harry Readshaw’s worked his tail off for the South Hills and reflected the views of his constituents. Erin Molchany is a carpetbagger more interested in her own ambitions than serving the people of Allegheny County.

  3. John says:

    In addition to the new ad, it looks like Keystone Progress launched their satirical website, Republicans for Readshaw.


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