Lamb Won’t Support Pelosi For Democratic Leader

Democratic PA-18 candidate Conor Lamb announced he will not support current Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi if he wins the special election, saying the party needs new leadership.

“I think it’s clear that this Congress is not working for people.  I think we need new leadership on both sides,” Lamb told the Post-Gazette.  

The move by Lamb is important as Republicans are likely to going to try to tie Lamb to Pelosi, similarly to how Republicans defeated Democrat Jon Ossoff in the Georgia 6th special election.  

Lamb turned the tables on the attempts to tie him to Pelosi by pushing the Republican candidate, state Rep. Rick Saccone, towards House Speaker Paul Ryan.  

“The real issue here is not Nancy Pelosi: It’s [current speaker of the House] Paul Ryan. He’s the one who has declared that he’s coming after Medicaid and Social Security,” Lamb told the Post-Gazette.  

The special election will be held March 13th.

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7 thoughts on “Lamb Won’t Support Pelosi For Democratic Leader”

  1. Charlie says:

    50 years as a Democrat, I am now a Republican. Nancy is the reason. I can’t believe they elected her a leader again, sheep. Sorry I don’t live in Lamb’s district so I could vote for him.

  2. Charles Pont says:

    Until he gets elected to Congress.

  3. Pragmatist says:

    Smart move by Lamb. The GOP might regret nominating a fringe right wing candidate.

  4. Barricks Einwohner says:

    Winning first is everything.

  5. Gabe says:

    Sounds smart. People dislike Pelosi and Ryan. He can turn that on Saccone.

  6. Plubius says:

    Wait, didn’t he say that it was premature to decide if he would back Pelosi? What changed that much in just a few weeks? Either he gets a Get Out of Jail Free Card because she doesn’t expect to need his vote or he knows that national Democratic money isn’t coming anyway and he’s throwing a Hail Mary. Or both.

  7. Mon Valley Pundit says:

    Bye bye federal dollars for Lamb…

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