Leach Officially Jumps in Race to Challenge Meehan

Leach VideoState Senator Daylin Leach (D-Delaware) made it official over the weekend, he is entering the race to challenge Congressman Pat Meehan (R-Delaware).  

“Today, I officially declare myself a candidate for Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District,” Leach said in a release.  

Leach cites last year’s election as his main motivation for running.  

“Initially, I was reluctant to run. But since last year’s election, voters, party and community leaders, representatives and leaders of advocacy and resistance groups and progressive organizations, and many others from across the congressional district have been urging me to run.”

In May, Leach sent out an email to supporters asking if they thought he should run for Congress.  The announcement this weekend came ahead of the July 6th date Leach set in a separate email to supporters as the day for his announcement.  

Leach released a video along with his announcement.  

Leach was first elected as a state Representative in 2002, then to the state Senate in 2008.  He ran for Congress in 2014 in the 13th district.  Leach came third in a four person primary after raising the second most.

Leach joins Democrats Andrew McGinty, Elizabeth Moro, Dan Muroff, Paul Perry, and Molly Sheehan in the race.  

Update: Meehan’s campaign welcomed Leach to the race. 

“We welcome [Leach] and the other five left-wing Democrats looking to challenge Congressman Meehan to the race and look forward to the exchange of ideas,” campaign spokesman John Elizandro wrote in an email.

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39 thoughts on “Leach Officially Jumps in Race to Challenge Meehan”

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  2. jmarshak says:

    He’s no less vulgar and rude than Trump. The moral high ground argument goes out the window if the Dems nominate him.

    1. David Diano says:


      Really? No less vulgar? I’m pretty sure there are no tapes with Daylin bragging about grabbing pussy.

  3. Zakrey Bissell says:

    please please please vote for Daylin because for Pat Meehan is breaking his term limit pledge seriously.

  4. Charles Pont says:

    I wonder if he is going to give up his PA Senate Seat to run for Congress. I doubt it. Notice how Daylin only runs for Congress in his Senate off years. Even if he loses he still has his Senate seat. At least he is not as bad as Brendan Boyle who left nothing to chance when he ran for Congress. He ran for re-election to his state house seat while also running for US Congress at the same time.

    1. Zakrey Bissell says:

      I don’t think for Daylin Leach has to give up his senate seat in 2018 because it’s in a four year term and I think for win this congressional seat in both the primary and the general election 100% and have a another democrat is to run for his senate seat in the 2019 special election is to replace Daylin Leach whenever he does gets elected to congress in 2018.

  5. Robert Guzzardi says:

    Daylin Leach’s consultants are pleased.

  6. Ross Schriftman says:

    In his video he says things are not normal in Washington. So he offers to stand on the roof of the Capitol Building and scream. That’s normal?

    1. Robert B Sklaroff MD says:

      A few weeks ago, while speaking with Dom Giordano, it seemed that every sentence uttered was based upon a Dem/DbM falsehood.

      1. Barricks Einwohner says:

        Why did you repeat yourself?

  7. Joseph says:

    Molly Sheehan is really the one to watch! She is a young scientist; exactly what we need to excite young people and flip the district.

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  9. No he Di ent says:

    Someone should tell Leach That Trump Won and Dem are losing across The Board

  10. mytom says:

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  11. BucksVoter says:

    Daylin Leach has my support. We need Leftist street fighters to confront Trump and the mutated GOP.

  12. Chief Halftown says:

    He’s high

    1. Robert B Sklaroff MD says:

      Sally Starr would be aghast @ the deceit that emerges from his mouth; a few weeks ago, while speaking with Dom Giordano, it seemed that every sentence uttered was based upon a Dem/DbM falsehood.

  13. Toodles says:

    The Delaware County Democrats will find a way to mess up. It’s the same numbskulls calling the shots year after year. Isn’t the the definition of insanity trying the same thing and expecting different results? If Leach has to rely on them in any way he is in real trouble. Sad!

    1. David Diano says:

      If the Delco Dems had the best chairman in the state (instead of the worst), it wouldn’t make any difference for this race.

      1. Chris says:

        David- what do you think is the most winnable district in SEPA?

        1. David Diano says:


          2nd – Dwight Evans with a 10-1 Dem-Rep ratio
          1st – Bob Brady with a 5-1 Dem-Rep ratio
          13th – Brendan Boyle with a 2.2 to 1 Dem-Rep ratio

          The 8th could be in play because it’s a even Dem-Rep ratio. However, the Bucks Dems lack infrastructure, so it’s a tougher climb. If the Bucks Dems were as organized as the Montco Dems, then the Dems would have a better shot.

  14. David Diano says:

    It’s common knowledge that Daylin made this decision at least a month ago. He’s arranged for a July 6th event at the Radnor hotel to announce his decision. You don’t invite people to an event to tell them that you aren’t running. Duh.

    The timing of this announcement is after the June fundraising deadline, so he doesn’t have to show a partial quarter of fundraising numbers. Also, by making everyone aware that he was going to announce, he undermined the other candidates fundraising.

    “Initially, I was reluctant to run. But since last year’s election, voters, party and community leaders, representatives and leaders of advocacy and resistance groups and progressive organizations, and many others from across the congressional district have been urging me to run.”

    — Translation—
    Political consultants looking to cash in on the greater money he could raise stroked his ego, and progressive organizations are happy for him to spread their message.

    The reality is that this district is the 3rd most Republican by R/D ratio of the 18 congressional districts. For it to be “in-play” the current makeup would need to 3-R to 15-D instead of 13-R to 5-D. That is to say, that there are 10 more winnable districts than this one, and they aren’t particularly winnable either.

    While I certainly believe the Dems should field a candidate (in case Meehan has a sudden turn of misfortune), it is ridiculous to waste millions of dollars on the 7th. Those millions would be far better spend/invested moving the state legislature to pass fair redistricting. Spending millions on the 7th is like setting the money on fire, without the pleasure of watching it burn.

    1. Chris says:

      The problem with these “swing” districts in SEPA (6,7,8,16) is they are only swing districts for presidential races. Republicans in these districts may cross party lines at the top of the ticket, but they’ll stick with their team further down the ballot, including for congress.

    2. David Diano says:


      That’s probably true. However, the 7th isn’t even swing district, because Meehan won by 20 points in a presidential year.

  15. Miltant Moderate Republican says:

    This goofball is the only thing that will keep Pat Meehan in Washington.

  16. EvilBobCaseyIV says:

    This guy is loose lipped. He isn’t a bad guy, but he isn’t the kind of guy you think of when you think Congressman. You could crack a cold one with him, but I wouldn’t want him allocating my tax dollars.

  17. Zakrey Bissell says:

    I am also going to release 3 sets of polls for the primary and the general election for the primary is 1. Democrat Daylin Leach 90% Democrat Dan Muroff 30% Democrat Paul Perry 30% Democrat Elizabeth Moro 25% Democrat Molly Sheehan 20% Democrat Andrew McGinty 5% 2. Democrat Daylin Leach 85% Democrat Dan Muroff 45% Democrat Paul Perry 35% Democrat Elizabeth Moro 20% Democrat Molly Sheehan 20% Democrat Andrew McGinty 5% 3. Democrat Daylin Leach 80% Democrat Dan Muroff 30% Democrat Paul Perry 30% Democrat Elizabeth Moro 10% Democrat Molly Sheehan 10% Democrat Andrew McGinty 5%. for the general election polls are 1. Democrat Daylin Leach 95% Republican Pat Meehan 55% 2. Democrat Daylin Leach 90% Republican Pat Meehan 35% 3. Democrat Daylin Leach 85% Republican Pat Meehan 25%.

    1. ConcernedCitizen says:

      These make no sense. Do you know basic addition?

      1. EvilBobCaseyIV says:

        Thank you. I tried to decode it.

  18. Zakrey Bissell says:

    I will be supporting Daylin Leach for congress because for he is a more serious challenger than Dan Muroff and who I did supported but now and I am no longer supporting Dan Muroff for this race after today.

  19. Chris says:

    I thought he finished last in that 2014 primary? (not that it matters). What went wrong for him that time?

    That said, he hit on a lot of good talking points that I think a lot of progressive Dems need to use for 2018. Probably should’ve toned down the anti-Trump portion though.

    1. KSDF says:

      He ran in the 13th CD in 2014.

  20. PhillyPolitico says:

    1) Leach actually lives in the District, unlike any of his primary opponents, right?

    2) How does he get over the fact that he ran for a different district just two cycles ago?

    1. David Diano says:

      1) Untrue. Dan Muroff moved to the district recently.

      2) By ignoring it.

      1. EvilBobCaseyIV says:

        I mean, by that logic you might as well just IGNORE that he is a terrible candidate and vote for him too right?

      2. David Diano says:


        He’d be a better congressman for the district (and the nation) than Meehan. But, the math of the voter registration, turnout, and history is against him getting with 12 points of Meehan.

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