Manderino Leaves Labor and Industry, Joins Gaming Control Board

manderinoDepartment of Labor and Industry Secretary Kathy Manderino is leaving her position to join the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.  The move will be official August 1st.  

“Throughout her career, from her service in the state legislature to working in the private sector or leading the Department of Labor and Industry, Kathy has always served with distinction for the people of Pennsylvania. I thank Kathy for her tremendous contributions to the department and I have great confidence in Bob to continue leading the department forward,” Governor Tom Wolf said in a release announcing the change.

“Being chosen by Governor Wolf to lead the Department of Labor and Industry is one of my greatest honors, and I look forward to a new chapter on the gaming board,” said Manderino.

In the release, Wolf announced that Robert O’Brien would be acting secretary.  O’Brien is currently L&I’s executive deputy secretary.  

“It has been my honor to have worked with Secretary Manderino the past two years. Her dedication to the department and the people of Pennsylvania has been truly inspiring. I want to thank Governor Wolf for the opportunity to serve as Acting Secretary,” O’Brien said.

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8 thoughts on “Manderino Leaves Labor and Industry, Joins Gaming Control Board”

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  2. She is the Best says:

    Kathy is a Wonderful a kind and a very Smart Woman . Kathy should run for Governor !

  3. John says:

    so is Big Jim

  4. gulag Pittsburgh says:

    Italian name, gambling, so it all makes sense in PA.

    1. Barbara Blum says:

      Is that a Democrat talking. I Guess Black lives don’t matter, either in your warped thoughts. In your works, Latinos all sell drugs, Poor people are shiftless . Everyone except Trump is a liar or thief. I could go on. I have known Katherine when she was a youngster, not yet in Law school. She was and is , smart as a whip, dedicated to the Democratic values she learned from her Father who was an excellent Speaker of the House. Why don’t you get facts before you mouth off.

      1. Chuckie Porter the rat says:

        The fact is that the new generation of mustache descendants have traded Tommy guns for law books. They discovered that robbing city hall is easier than robbing banks…so they became lawyers…but they are still robbers.

  5. Chuckie Porter the rat says:

    Hurrah! Back to the family business. Saint John Bazzano is smiling.

    1. Mike Ference says:

      So is his wife Rosina Zappala or mother if you’re referring to little Johnnie, Jr.

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