Mango Tells GOP Officials He’s Running for Gov

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Western Pennsylvania businessman Paul Mango told a meeting of County Commissioners that he will run for Governor in 2018.

That’s according to multiple sources in the room at the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania’s GOP breakfast on Monday

“When asked if he was running, he said yes. He will officially announce after the primary,” said Berks County Commissioner Christian Leinbach.

Mango’s remarks on issues facing county governments.

“He did not sound like someone on the fence… he sounded like a candidate,” Leinbach said.

Leinbach’s account matched that of another county commissioner in the room.

PoliticsPA is seeking comment from Mango.

It would be his first bid for office, but not his first foray into state government. Gov. Tom Wolf contracted Mango’s firm, McKinsey & Company, to help devise a cost-saving strategy for the state budget.

Update: Mango was not involved in the work McKinsey & Company did on the cost-saving strategy for Wolf’s office.

State Senator Scott Wagner has already officially declared for the race.  Former Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley and Congressman Mike Kelly (R-Butler) are also rumored to be weighing a bid.

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22 thoughts on “Mango Tells GOP Officials He’s Running for Gov”

  1. Robert B Sklaroff Md says:

    Again, it’s necessary to note the unanswered question, namely, why did Wagner give $ to LaRouche, Kerry and Dean?

    And, regarding Mango, does he have sufficient $-raising capacity?

  2. Jim says:

    Mango who? Cawley who?

  3. David Diano says:

    Martha Careful

    I just think the party should always be written next to the name candidate as standard format.

  4. Martha Careful says:

    David does “County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania’s GOP breakfast” not spell that out for you.

  5. David Diano says:

    Paul Engelkemier-

    When announcing that someone is running for office, please ALWAYS, include the party.

    From the article, there is no indication either way that he is running against Wagner in the primary or challenging Wolf to a primary.

  6. Brabendover says:

    Mango won’t miss the millions that he is about to get drained from his bank account by Brabender and Mike Long

  7. Sanity check says:

    “Steve” (Steve Welch is that you, still in denial about getting BILKED hard by Brabender?
    Newt Gingrich and the Contract with America got Santorum electd in 1994. It was a Republican tidal wave that swept Santorum in, not Brabilker. The only time Brabilker wins is when the political winds are at his back. Corbett was the only GOP incumbent in the country to lose thanks to Brabilker

  8. eagleswing says:

    Mango McKinsey are the authors of the current pa DPW plan to farm out allthe DPW investigator and intake jobs to INDIA. that will go overwell with the unions…

  9. Steve says:

    In all fairness to John Brabender, he has won some pretty big races in Pennsylvania. He got Santorum elected to the U.S. Senate from out of nowhere, he twice got Tom Ridge elected governor, Tom Corbett got elected Atty. Gen. when the rest of the ticket went down in 2008, and he got Corbett elected governor. All these media guys have losses under their belt. I would also say that he took Santorum to being the second to last man standing in 2012 against Romney. No one saw that coming.

    Usually the candidates are at fault for failing to win. No one was going to reelect Santorum in 2006 after some of his far right public comments, and Corbett’s staff just didn’t know how to be effective communicators. There was no saving him.

  10. John says:

    what are people thinking? Turzai is kinda declared, Scott is and now Mango.
    oh yeah the incumbent is running too. this isn’t an open seat. So the R’s bloody themselves and wolf is reelected.
    does anyone think the eight year cycle is over? wasn’t corbett just a fluke? the cylce remains.

  11. Terry says:

    Cohen – he might be bright. So was Clinton. He served his country. So did John Kerry and Benedict Arnold. The problem is Mango is a big old alligator in the swamp that right now people want drained. He was recruited to run by another alligator, John Brabender, who lost the governor’s mansion and a U.S. Senate seat for us–why because he was more concerned about making money then allowing viable candidates to emerge. If Mango is the nominee (highly unlikely) we lose. Every time you hear the name Paul Mango just think Steve Welch. If you don’t know that name, Google it.

  12. gulag Pittsburgh says:

    Mama’s boy: Would you put him in Scott Wagner’s undertaker black?
    Mango is just trying to complete the fruit salad.

  13. Howard A. Cohen says:

    Paul Mango is an accomplished executive with extensive background in health care issues, a major issue with serious budget impacts for all governors. As a graduate of West Point and Harvard’s Business School, with honors, he has the intellect and policy capabilities that are missing with our current governor.
    All Republicans should take a careful look at Mr. Mango because he has the education, background, and commitment to be our next governor

  14. Rand child says:

    @John Galt: Wagner is the guy to beat and a great nominee for the party of Lincoln but John Brabender and company don’t care about any of that. Brabender wants to suck $2 million in fees from Mango.

  15. Whistleblower says:

    So the administration paid Mango with a state contract to muck up Wagner in a primary. Good to know; and I thought they were completely inept.

  16. John Galt says:

    Did anyone ask him if he’s heard of Scott Wagner?

  17. Mama's boy says:

    Does Paul Mango’s mother dress him? Lime green jacket and mauve tie? SMH

  18. curious taxpayer says:

    Is there more information available on this alleged contract that Mr. Mango allegedly received from the Wolf Administration?

  19. HappyValley says:

    Mango that’s kinda funny. He gets a fat contract from Wolf and then wants to run as the Republican candidate against Wolf.

  20. MangoRules says:

    What is love? Baby don’t hurt me no more.

  21. M Anello says:


  22. Terry says:

    Oh puh-leeze!! Another swamp thing drafed by John Brabender the Bilker.

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