Manny Morales Loses Support of Democratic Party Leaders

manny moralesDemocratic candidate for Philadelphia City Council Manny Morales has lost the support of the city’s Democratic Party leaders.

Morales authored a letter to the Philadelphia Democratic Party, directed to Chairman Bob Brady, asking to rescind his nomination, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The incident comes one day after Morales denied allegations that he wrote inappropriate posts on Facebook, an issue he claimed was caused by hackers.

Morales stated that it was not his intention to cause division in the party, and that he wished “to conduct a campaign that unites ALL constituents of the District.”

“I will…let the voters decide who is Manny Morales,” added the candidate, speaking in the third person.

Rep. Brady agreed with the decision, saying that “the best thing for him to do is ask us to withdraw his endorsement.”

Other notable reactions came from Quiñones Sánchez, who thanked party leaders “for affirming that the views expressed by Manny Morales are not in keeping with our core values of diversity and inclusiveness by withdrawing its endorsement for his campaign,” and City Controller Alan Butkovitz, who says he is doubtful of Morales’s hacking claim unless he proves otherwise.

“If [Morales] can’t produce evidence [of his Facebook page’s hacking], he should get out,” said Butkovitz.

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2 thoughts on “Manny Morales Loses Support of Democratic Party Leaders”

  1. Aloysius E. Stuhl says:

    Does all this mean that Mr. Morales name will NOT appear on the May 19,2015 Democratic ballot?

  2. treasurer says:

    It looks like I’m getting to this story late, but the good people who put together have some work to do in order to meet the standards for collecting political money on their Friends of Maria page.

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