Marino Withdraws His Name From Consideration For Drug Czar

220px-Tom_Marino_Official_Portrait,_112th_CongressCongressman Tom Marino (R-Lycoming) reportedly has withdrawn his name from consideration to head the Office of National Drug Control Policy after a Washington Post/60 Minutes report on his role in a bill weakening the DEA’s ability to battle to opioid epidemic.

President Trump Tweeted this morning that Marino had withdrawn his name from consideration.

Marino’s decision comes two days after the Washington Post and 60 Minutes ran a report detailing his ties to drug distributors.

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14 thoughts on “Marino Withdraws His Name From Consideration For Drug Czar”

  1. Christy says:

    Marino should have never been considered for this position in the first place. All they had to do was research this crook. He needs to go away quietly before his past comes back to haunt him….

  2. gulag Pittsburgh says:

    Who will the mob nominate next?

  3. Mike Ference says:

    Go back as the PR guy for DeNaples. Tell everyone what a great mobster he is.

    Law enforcement career my butt. The mob owns your heart and soul.

  4. centPAdem says:

    Am I correct to assume that all the people running for this seat are now saying “ah, never mind

  5. eagleswing says:

    big pharma , including man chin and his CEO myelin labs daughter spearheaded this cleverly written bill thru congress. big pharma got what it paid for. now that people are actually reading what the bill does, even man chin wants to repeal it. wonder if the politicos like toomey will repeal, and wonder if they’ll have to give back all the big pharma campaign contributions ???

  6. Like a rolling Keystone says:

    Tom is a fine man and a soon to be ex-congressman. How bout running the list of people who had announced for his seat?

  7. Barricks Einwohner says:

    You mean, the 60 Minutes report was NOT fake news??

  8. That Jerry Guy says:

    It’s like we are trapped in a Groudhog Day alternate reality – how many more times will Marino’s name get floated and withdrawn for Drug Czar before his term mercifully comes to its end?

    Somebody please primary this guy.

  9. Barbara Hoffmann says:

    So hope this leads to his Defeat in my District, District 10. He is a horrible Congressman.

  10. The Skeptic says:


  11. lorencall says:

    Senators and Reps pass a law, signed by Obama, that no one read? He has to withdraw because of their irresponsible actions?

    1. EvilBobCaseyIV says:

      This is such a great point here. It passed unanimously, no? Sure Marino wrote the law, but everyone else voted for it? Obama’s name is on the bill. When will he have to answer to his actions?

      1. centPAdem says:

        In case you didn’t notice, he is no longer in office via a term limit.

    2. . says:

      So that you can come here to complain about how a white man got busted by the free press.

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