Mark Smith Secures Three New Union Endorsements


Bradford County Commissioner Mark Smith

Mark Smith, a candidate for Lieutenant Governor, has recently picked up endorsements from three labor union locals in Northeastern PA: Wilkes-Barre IBEW Local 163, Williamsport IBEW Local 182, and Teamster Local 529.

In a press release sent out by Smith’s campaign today, the candidate expressed his pride in receiving this support, and also attacked the current governor.

“I am proud to be working with Local 163 and unions across Pennsylvania as we fight to make Tom Corbett a one-term Governor,” Smith said. “We need to get Pennsylvania moving again and the way to move our commonwealth forward is to get people back to work by investing in infrastructure, education, and economic development.

Given the low likelihood that candidates will raise much money for advertising, endorsements will be a key component of the Lieutenant Governor’s race. And while this support from the labor unions is a strong sign from Smith, it’s still important to note that they are all close to his geographic base.

Mark Smith, who entered the race in February, is a second term County Commissioner in Bradford County. When he was first elected in 2007, Smith was the youngest Commissioner in the County’s history.

Also in the race is former Rep. Mark Critz, Harrisburg City Councilman Brad Koplinski, and Harrisburg city official Brenda Alton.

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9 thoughts on “Mark Smith Secures Three New Union Endorsements”

  1. Scott Cannon says:

    Mark Smith goes to bat for the gas lessors in Bradford County who’ve been ripped of by Chesapeake Energy, the company I heard just fired his new wife, but hasn’t lifted a finger to help those whose water has been contaminated by drilling. He’s no better than Corbett and that’s saying a lot for a Democrat.

  2. Ghosts of 2012 says:

    Just like 2010 & 2012, these “posters” come out to belittle Mark Critz’s competition. I wonder how we explain it this time? Smith, Koplinski & Neuman, get ready.

  3. Intern Needs a Job says:

    “Mark Smith, a candidate for Lieutenant Governor” Thus confirming once and for all the Lt Gov serves merely as gopher and it doesnt matter who occupies the position. Mark Smith will need help learning how to work the copier and the coffee machine, but how is the different from Cawley or whatever that himbo is that we got for Lt Gov now?

  4. Radio GaGa says:

    Lets all face it, how many regular voters are going to actually care who the Lt. Governor candidate is when it comes to November? Unless you are 100% opposed based on positions, it probably won’t matter.

    As 2borknot2b stated, there is a “guilt by radiation” that extends to Harrisburg, the legislature, congress, white house and wherever else you want to look. Judging by the climate, the question that voters should ask all of these candidates is why the heck do they want to run for these offices when all they get is grief and time off ones life. I guess its the pay or prestige.

    I vote on what issues matter to me, not because Smith is from a small county, Koplinski is from Harrisburg, Critz was in Congress or whatever else is being said. Its important to know what they did while there.

  5. 2borknot2b says:

    Guilt by association? There is a mushroom cloud over Harrisburg, that’s called guilt by radiation.

  6. Lifelong Central PA Resident says:

    I’ve lived in Central Pennsylvania for all of my life. Let me be the first to say that Harrisburg has always had its problems. When Steve Reed was elected, he fixed alot of the problems that built up over decades. He spent too long in office and had too many projects. He left the city in a terrible position (lesson to the federal government, you can’t borrow to prosperity, especially when you can’t pay). That being said neither of these people were part of the Reed problem, primarily the incinerator. The Reed problem is in the process of being fixed and Harrisburg will become the example that Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Reading and others should follow. I guess there is a guilt by association by being from Harrisburg, but things are going to start getting better here and opinion will change.

  7. Rick Ainey says:

    First, I am from Mark Smith’s geographical area(NE Pennsylvania). What concerns me about this race with the candidates for Lt. Gov. on the Democratic side are the Harrisburg connections. How can Democrats assure voters of their ability to handle state spending when these candidates come from and have participated in possibly the worst financially run municipality in the state?

  8. Radio GaGa says:

    Does PoliticsPA have a picture of this guy that doesn’t make him look 7 years old?

  9. Bi-Partisan Voter says:

    You mean U.S. Congressman Mark Critz… Do I sense a bit of a bias over at the ol’ newsroom?

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