McCord Rules Out 2016 Senate Run

Rob-McCord-lores1The potential 2016 Democratic Senate field shrunk today.

State Treasurer Rob McCord ruled out a run against Senator Pat Toomey.

“While it’s typical to drag these decisions out for a while to keep your name in the paper or raise money, Rob wants to avoid that and give activist friends clear guidance,” a McCord political advisor told PoliticsPA. “He will not be running for the U.S. Senate in 2016. However, he believes we will have a great shot at winning that seat in the coming cycle and he hopes to help make that happen.”

McCord was considered a potential candidate since as Treasurer he had already won statewide office. Additionally he launched a campaign for Governor earlier this year, finishing third in the Democratic primary with 16.84%, so he would have some infrastructure in place.

With McCord passing, the focus increases on the big names who still might jump in the race.

2010 Democratic nominee, and former PA-7 Congressman, Joe Sestak has already thrown his hat into the ring.

Attorney General Kathleen Kane has also admitted she is considering a run and Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro is inspiring some grassroots support.

Toomey, the state’s junior Senator, is a freshman who was first elected in 2010.

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4 thoughts on “McCord Rules Out 2016 Senate Run”

  1. KevinT says:

    And there’s a collective sigh of relief throughout the entire Commonwealth as we won’t have to endure another terrible, divisive, negative campaign by the arrogant Rob McCord.

  2. New_Liberal_Lion says:

    @Michael Farrell Lololololol!

  3. michael farrell says:

    People frequently use the past participle, shrunk, in lieu of the past tense. It is unfortunately also common for those with a stick lodged where it should not be to completely miss the point.

  4. Jackie says:

    Any chance the field “shrank?” Would proof-reading kill you?

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