Meuser Announces Endorsements from Dauphin County Officials

danmeuserPA-11 Congressional candidate former Revenue Secretary Dan Meuser announced endorsements from Dauphin county officials, including the two Republican Commissioners and District Attorney.

Meuser was endorsed by Dauphin county Commissioners Jeff Haste & Mike Pries, District Attorney Ed Marsico, Treasurer Janis Creason, Clerk of Courts Dale Klein, Controller Tim DeFoor, Coroner Graham Hetrick, Sheriff Nick Chimienti, Jr., Prothonotary-Elect Matt Krupp, Register of Wills & Clerk of Orphans Court Jean Marfizo King, and Recorder of Deeds Jim Zugay.  

“Dan Meuser is a conservative problem solver who is focused on delivering results for the people of the 11th Congressional District,” Haste & Pries said in a statement announceing the endorsements.

“I’m honored to have the support of Commissioners Jeff Haste and Mike Pries and these outstanding local elected officials,” Meuser said.  

“They have a proven record of fighting for the best interests of their constituents by working to keep taxes low and have encouraged new industries and businesses to move and grow in Dauphin County. Washington could learn a thing or two about how to get things done from Dauphin County.”  

Pries is also reportedly considering a bid for Congress in the 15th district.  

As people begin to pay attention to the Congressional campaigns for next year, and petition season approaches, campaigns will begin rolling out these local endorsements to gain support of grassroot organizers.  

State Rep. Steve Bloom and businessman Andrew Lewis are also running for the seat.

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9 thoughts on “Meuser Announces Endorsements from Dauphin County Officials”

  1. Notreadyforprimetime says:

    Lewis just got bigly walloped with these endorsements. When your own backyard isn’t behind you at all, that’s pretty bad

  2. Steve says:

    I believe the Code applies as soon as he is a candidate.

  3. Trumpsupporter says:

    Isn’t Andy Lewis from Dauphin county ? And Steve Bloom from neighboring Cumberland county ? Meuser from Luzerne county, this is a big endorsement

  4. Pop Up says:

    Great job Ed Marsico. Why hasn’t anyone asked the question about how this endorsement violates the judicial canons that he is required to follow as a Court of Common Pleas Judge – Elect? Throw him in jail.

    1. Mineo says:

      Now now. Dan bought Ed’s endorsement fair and square, just like the others.

    2. FreeAtLast says:

      interesting question, but if Ed signed a document endorsing Meuser prior to Election Day, he wasn’t a Judge-elect when he endorsed, so no violation at all

      1. Don Providence says:

        Ya, not how that one works buddy. Read the judicial cannons.

      2. Pop Up says:

        Must follow them from Day 1 as a candidate. This is a major violation and deserves a complaint to be filed with the Judicial Conduct Board.

        1. Steve says:

          I believe the Code applies as soon as he is a candidate.

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