Monmouth Poll: Lamb 51 Saccone 45

Polls continue to show a tight race in the 18th Congressional district special election being held Tuesday.  

In a new Monmouth University poll Democratic candidate Conor Lamb holds a six point lead over Republican Rick Saccone.  

Based off their model of high Democratic turnout, similar to what has happened in other special elections this year, Lamb holds a 51% to 45% lead.  Across all three of the models, Lamb holds a lead over Saccone.

Part of the lead for Lamb comes from his favorability over Saccone’s.  Lamb has a 53 favorable 33 unfavorable rating, versus Saccone’s 47-43 favorable-unfavorable rating.  

“This district has voted overwhelmingly Republican in recent elections, but a large number of these voters have blue-collar Democratic roots. Lamb seems to have connected with them,” director of Monmouth University Polling Institute Patrick Murray said.  

The poll, taken ahead of President Trump’s visit to the district Saturday, shows that his decision to place a tariff on steel and aluminum imports didn’t change the way 96% of the district plans to vote.  

The respondents were evenly split, 42-42, on whether they want Republicans or Democrats to control Congress.  

The poll was conducted from March 8th to 11th of 503 people using telephone calls.  The poll’s margin of error is 5.1%.

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22 thoughts on “Monmouth Poll: Lamb 51 Saccone 45”

  1. Peter says:

    I just checked out ballotpedia and the largest Democratic vote total for the 18th District was 122K during Obama’s re-election year of 2012. Rarely do they even exceed 100K. Where will all these Democrat votes come from, or are they expecting half of the 230K+ Republican voters to stay home. We’ll see tonight I guess.

  2. Chuckie Porter the raT says:

    The godfather has just put out an emergency order to all Sewickley coumps who have migrated out of Bloomfield and registered as republicans. Vote for Sacco! La familia needs a reliable rep in congress so we can continue to loot the government. Now that Trump and the New York 5 families have taken control we need to suppprt them so don’t backslide just.because you have become privileged yuppies. Stay with your own kind. The godfather needs you.

  3. Frank says:

    Nowhere in Saccone’s ads does it say/disclose that he’s a douche, but non braindeads can figure that out.

  4. GJM says:

    Rick Saccone is about as bat-sh*t crazy as they get. Coming from the state that brought us Wagner, Toomey and Santorum that is saying something. Since God has been speaking with him directly about running for various offices (State Senate, Gov, now Congress) one has to wonder if a higher being is just messing with him or whether he is just flat out insane. My money is on the latter.

  5. Andrea Ford says:

    Ignoring 3rd parties again? This is an FEC violation.

    1. Bradley Cooper says:

      Its a dam shame

    2. Isaac L. says:

      No it’s not. Go get your head checked. Also, click the link; they did poll for third party candidates: “Another 1% opt for a third party candidate”.

  6. Joe says:

    USEFUL IDIOTS in that District are about to give Nancy Pig Pelosi and F*** Schumer a rubberstamping, lap-dog, lackey, stooge.

    I’ve watched some of the Campaign Advertisements from Connor Lamb. In NONE of them, does he disclose/say he’s a Democrat.

    1. 18voter says:

      Joe relax the angry party has poured in millions and there still gonna lose.

      1. Anonymous says:

        If the stooges and fools in western PA actually think Lamb is going to be an “independent voice” in Congress they have mush for brains. Pelosi will have him on a leash like the others. If they vote Democrat they really are a bunch of thoughtless uneducated hillbillies

        1. DormyStanials says:

          I would say the “thoughtless uneducated hillbillies” had their vote in November of 2016

          1. Joe says:

            I guess Democrats are still angry that the FBI, Democrat Party as a whole, the Obama Dictatorship, and Illegal Aliens stuffing the Ballot Boxes for Clinton and the Democrats wasn’t enough to rig the Election for Clinton herself.

        2. Joe says:

          I know. Very sad that the Democrat Party tactics of running as (FRAUDULENT) “Moderates” and “Blue-Dogs”, still works.

          1. DormyStanials says:

            Similar to Republicans running as fiscally responsible, family value, pro-life conservatives. Trump had children with 3 different women and Murphy wanted his mistress to get an abortion. Trump was banging a porn star while his wife was at home with their infant son. Some real family values and pro-life credentials on display there skippy.

          2. Anonymous says:

            At least R’s vote the way they promise. The D’s are all closet radicals.

          3. Isaac L. says:

            Anonymous – you mean how Republicans run on promises to tackle the debt and then explode it by $1.5 trillion? How they promise to protect Medicare and Social Security, then try to dismantle the programs? They have to hide their agenda because the majority of Americans disagree with it.

    2. jim says:

      comrade joe — you Russian trolls should go back to the troll farm –USA number 1 comrade

      1. Joe says:

        Poor baby. You’re still angry that Dictator Maobama couldn’t rig the Presidential Election for Hillary Clinton.

        1. Isaac L. says:

          So much winning. Except for the popular vote. Winning. Over 43 percent of his top aides have left. #Winning Doesn’t have the guts to fire his people in person, he has to wait until they’re on another continent and do it over the phone. Winning. He campaigns for candidates in deep red states and districts and they lose. Two candidates he campaigned for lost in the same race! Getting sick of all the winning!

          1. Isaac L. says:

            Oops, just kidding about the phone. Apparently he couldn’t do it himself at all. Seeing reports Tillerson may have found out from Trump’s Twitter, but that Trump definitely didn’t do it himself. Profiles in courage.

            And now he’s signing up for two confirmation battles over key figures who will implement policy vis a vis Russia during an election year, while he still has failed to submit nominations for hundreds of top-level, critical positions… like Ambassador to South Korea.

            And all you guys can talk about is Obama and HRC. I guess it beats admitting you got hoodwinked by a carnival barker.

          2. Barricks Einwohner says:

            “Lamb the sham?” If you vote against Saccone you “hate Trump, hate the USA and hate God??” Pathetic desperation.

  7. Observant says:


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