Muhlenberg College/Morning Call Poll: Mixed Views of Pawlowski

pawlowski3The new Muhlenberg College/Morning Call is a mixed bag of results for the incumbent Mayor Ed Pawlowski.  

The Muhlenberg College/Morning Call poll focuses on the city itself and did not ask any questions about the primary election in May.  

While the majority of respondents, 52%, said Pawlowski had a very or somewhat positive impact on the city, only 33% believe he deserves re-election.  

In a crowded primary, like Pawlowski is facing, he need less than 33% of voters to win.  Pawlowski is facing six Democratic challengers in the primary.  

Respondents were slightly more optimistic about Pawlowski’s chances of remaining out of the legal troubles that have been swirling around Allentown.  37% of respondents believe Pawlowski will not be charged, while 31% believed he will be charged.  

The poll has a 5.5 margin of error.  It was conducted via phone call to both land lines and cellphones of 408 residents of Allentown.

April 14th, 2017 | Posted in Front Page Stories, Local races, Poll | 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “Muhlenberg College/Morning Call Poll: Mixed Views of Pawlowski”

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  2. Answer Desk says:

    Only 63% of those polled were Democrats. No ID on likely voters. This poll signifies nothing relevant.

  3. David Diano says:

    I’m sure the Mayor will be voted most popular on his cell block.

  4. Phil Hughes says:

    This is good news for the Mayor. Mathematically, he stands a good chance of getting re-elected. I’m not debating the merits of his re-electability but making an observation based upon numbers.

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