Murphy Plays Up Prosecuting in New TV Ad (With Video)

Patrick Murphy talks about a time he prosecuted a military officer for abusing a young girl in his latest TV ad, a 30 second spot that emphasizes his credentials.

“She was seven years old.  And when a high-ranking naval officer abused her, Patrick Murphy didn’t care about the officer’s rank or status,” a narrator says.

“You know, that Navy officer was a fellow serviceman, but he was a monster, and he had to be put away,” Murphy says directly to the camera.

The ad also hits on Murphy’s effort to end Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, his pro-choice stance, and his recent endorsement by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

It’s a message tweak from Murphy’s first ad, which was a more basic introductory spot. This ad emphasizes his prosecutorial bona fides.

Murphy, a former Congressman from Bucks County, has come under fire from the campaign of his opponent Kathleen Kane for never having tried a case in Pennsylvania. Kane, a former assistant District Attorney from Lackawanna County, is running as, “a prosecutor, not a politician.”

The narrative of this ad is somewhat reminiscent of one of Kane’s ads, in which the former assistant Lackawanna County District Attorney recounts being threatened while prosecuting a sexual offender (below).

As political commercials crowd the airwaves more and more in the run up to election day, candidates must employ ads like Kane’s and now Murphy’s in order to cut through the clutter.

This is Kane’s ad:

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9 thoughts on “Murphy Plays Up Prosecuting in New TV Ad (With Video)”

  1. WashPA says:

    Patrick Murphy did lead convoys as a JAG in Iraq. He was a BOLT team leader, which is about as high-speed as a lawyer can get.

    If you take any time to try to understand the full breadth of his legal experience and accomplishments in the military then you will understand why he is so qualified for this position.

    He prosecuted terrorists, sex criminals, drug cases and more. This guy is literally the perfect candidate for this position.

    He isn’t “owned” by anybody… he is supported by hundreds of grassroots activists across the state because he is honest and hard working.

    Kathleen Kane isn’t supported by anybody except for her anti-union husband and Bill Clinton.

  2. Not only is Kathleen Kane independent of party leadership (of both parties), she GIVES $$$ to the Democratic Party, Murphy takes $$$. and he is vulnerable on some of his earmarks.

    and I don’t think you will see Murphy in a courtroom. trying a rape case is a big deal and with the Sandusky investigation and prosecution ongoing, this is good experience.

    More importantly, I think Kathleen Kane will put prosecuting the bad guys before politics of selective prosecutions.

    Dave Freed is entwined with his father in law who is being investigated by AG and who has taken $100,000s of $1000s, legally, from the Hershey Trust for Disadvantaged Children. Usually, we expect to give to, not to get rich from, a charitable trust.

    Dave Freed is entwined and entangled with Republican Insider Network as Patrick Murphy is with the Democratic Insider Network.

    Independence from party leadership is as important as experience for AG’s office.

  3. Sean Ryan says:

    For the record, I am a Bucks County Democrat.

  4. Sean Ryan says:

    Murphy claimed that he was “leading patrols” as a solder and not as a JAG officer. He campaign hard on his service record in Iraq as a warrior, not as a JAG officer.
    Do you think this won’t be brought up in a general election an used to defeat his credibility. Let us not forget that there is still an open investigation into voter fraud by Murphy’s campaign. He has too much baggage and Kane is the better candidate of the two.

  5. delco observer says:

    After saying that prosecution experience was not important, he is running an ad about his so-called prosecution experience? Sounds like he’s got a poll that says he is losing the issue.

  6. Ian says:

    Murphy is toxic. Do you think the R’s won’t bring up the questionable ethics of his campaign last time around? You can’t create a fake “voters assistance office” that looks like a welfare paper and scare people into absentee voting. Furthermore, you can’;t have them send their application to you, so you can sort out the Republicans. Murphy shows why the R’s were right with voter fraud. Now he wants to run for Attorney General?

  7. DAVE says:

    Kane has worked thousands of more hours in a courtroom than Murphy. Has Murphy ever prosecuted a case in PA? NO. Kane grew up in a union household, was a delegate to the Democratic convention, has given thousands of dollars to Democrats, has worked crime scenes and prosecuted hundreds of criminals right here in Pennsylvania. You say she is anti-consumer? She has prosecuted consumer fraud cases. Has Murphy? NO. I applaud someone who is willing to put their own money where their mouth is. She isn’t “owned” by the political establishment.

  8. Kathy says:

    Kane hasnt worked in a courtroom or otherwise in years. She’s been spending her husband’s money and spending weekends in their apartment in New York City. She’s no politician, but she’s been in politics for years. Democrats for McCain? She just “called up” Clinton and asked for an endorsement? She thinks she can buy this election. Anyone who believes she’s a democrat needs to do some serious research. Anti-labor, anti-environment, anti-consumer. No thank you.

  9. Susan says:

    Yes, but Patrick has never tried a case in PA or passed the PA bar. His military service is commendable but he is not a winner in the AG race because he is not the most qualified. I like Kane’s independence from the PA power brokers. I think she will win the AG race and wish Murphy would have run again for Congress. He’s a legislator, not an AG

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