NORML Backs Hanger for Gov

marijuana_leafJohn Hanger received the endorsement of the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) today, solidifying his position as the most pot-progressive candidate for governor.

NORML is a political action group that advocates for safe and legal marijuana usage by adults. The group is backing the former Secretary of the Department of Environment Protection for his plan to reform the state’s marijuana laws and eventually legalize its use.

“NORML PAC is pleased to endorse John Hanger in his campaign to become Pennsylvania’s next governor,” said NORML Communications Director Erik Altieri. “Mr. Hanger is the only candidate who isn’t afraid to openly discuss and campaign on a platform that calls for widespread reform of Pennsylvania’s marijuana laws.”

“NORML’s support of my campaign clearly marks the emergence of responsible marijuana reform as a key issue in this election,” Hanger responded.  “I’m thrilled to have the support of the most credible and effective organization for reform in the country.”

The Hanger campaign sent out an email touting the endorsement and including details of his three-step plan to allow medical marijuana, then decriminalize using the drug, and finally to tax and regulate marijuana by 2017.

NORML described Hanger’s actions as an exhibition of his “Policy first, politics second” priorities, but there are signs that pot legalization is that the untouchable political third rail that it once was. Last month, for the first time in history, Gallup found that a majority of Americans (58% to 39%) believe marijuana use should be made legal.

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2 thoughts on “NORML Backs Hanger for Gov”

  1. Ron says:

    John Hanger once again demonstrates his leadership on the issues. Hanger’s “policy first, politics second” is more than just a slogan. 58% say it is time to come to our senses, take steps to legalize it, then tax it. Colorado and Washington state are leaders on this issue. I never used marijuana, but I’d like to know that it is available for my glaucoma. Also, the money wasted on incarceration and prisons is absurd. Time for commonsense, time for John Hanger for Governor!

  2. hrpufnstuff says:

    dude you got my vote.

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