Oops. City in Weiner for NYC Mayor Logo is Pittsburgh

Weiner websiteFormer Congressman Anthony Weiner is running for Mayor of New York City, but his website prominently features the Steel City.

The NYC Democrat, forced out of office after a scandal involving a Twitter photo of his… business, is seeking redemption a la Mark Sanford in the September primary.

The bridge is pretty distinctive, and the building about 40% of the way from the left side is the BNY Mellon Center.

Hat tip to Nullspace, via @lolibrarian, via @rlampasone.

Here’s a better view:

Weiner header

Update: Weiner’s campaign changed its website. It was fun while it lasted.

Weiner website update

7 thoughts on “Oops. City in Weiner for NYC Mayor Logo is Pittsburgh

  1. WEINER would be be than the richard cranium the city of pittsburgh has now lol.

  2. They have 2 things in common…………. thay have 2 pencil-necks and 2 needle-dicks

  3. Maybe it’s a subtle tribute to Mayor Luke. The two have a lot in common when it comes to wooing the ladies with incriminated activities.

  4. It’s not a mistake. He’s running for “anything he can get” at this point.

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