PA-13: Margolies Raises, Spends the Most in Q4

pa 13 democratsWhen it comes to cash on hand the rookie politician, Dr. Valerie Arkoosh, leads the pack in PA-13.

Of the four candidates running for the Democratic nomination in the SEPA seat vacated by Rep. Allyson Schwartz, Arkoosh is in the best state, with $643K on hand. She’s followed by State Senator Daylin Leach with $481k, State Rep. Brendan Boyle with $381K and finally former Congresswoman Marjorie Margolies with $173,866.

Marjorie Margolies:

Despite raising more than her competition in the fourth quarter of last year, $211K, Margolies spent more than she raised for a difference of -$14,000. This is the second quarter in a row where Margolies had an unparalleled burn rate. In the 3rd quarter, of the $237K she brought in, she spent $205K – a burn rate of 86%.

Most of her spending was for general, fundraising and compliance consultants, a $26,000 poll and another $10,000 for research and polling.

Even more interestingly, at least some of her consultants donated substantial amounts of money in the very end of the quarter.

Linda August, a fundraising consultant who was paid $14,000 for four weeks of work contributed $1,500 back into the campaign on December 30. Ken Smukler, one of Margolies’ main consultants contributed $5,000 on December 31. Other donors with the surname Smukler contributed on the same day, and when combined with Ken’s totaled more than $16,000. Ken managed Margolies’ campaigns in 1992 and 1994

Valerie Arkoosh:

Arkoosh had the second largest haul, bringing in $203K.

This was a bit less than the $228K Arkoosh brought in during the previous quarter but her campaign still has over $643,000 cash on hand, making her the best funded candidate at this time.

Daylin Leach:

Leach placed 3rd in the cash raised totals with $170K, but he is the second best positioned to finish out the primary. He still has $481,197 on hand after spending $65,994 in the last quarter of the year.

According to his campaign he has contributors from every state – although though many fall below the threshold for reporting. Since the race began, he’s contributed $22,700 to his own campaign.

Brendan Boyle:

Boyle reported $142K raised in the fourth quarter, spent $68,994 spent and has $381,102 on hand.

The State Rep. made approximately $24,000 in-kind donations, about 17% of what he raised.

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3 thoughts on “PA-13: Margolies Raises, Spends the Most in Q4”

  1. Ugh says:

    Sorry I just find Margolies to not be as an effective candidate and dislike some of her past financial ties and debts. Really rooting for Leach he has been a great State Senator for me and by far is the most Pro LGBT equality candidate in this race.

  2. Terry says:

    Quite ironic that your “winning” approach is rebutting your stance on an insider political blog. Why not issue a press release? It goes to show how poorly this campaign is run. Your candidate is running on the coattails of the Clintons, and is too proud to show up at a forum, I assume because she thinks that is beneath her, and thinks because she spent 2 years in the House 20 years ago that makes her the best candidate. Count me as a voter that knows her name and hopes it isn’t the one representing me in Washington. And by the way, quoting an almost 7 month old poll ad naseum only makes you look desperate, like a former high school star athlete who sits around the bar saying, “Remember what I did all those years ago?” Actually, that’s a good theme for your campaign. Maybe Bruce Springsteen will come sing “Glory Days” at your 10 person rallies.

  3. infovoter says:

    Marjorie2014 has burned its way to the following position: 62% informed name identification (36 points higher than next closest candidate), leading the field 43, 15 (boyle), 7 (leach), 2 (arkoosh) with 32% of the electorate saying they strongly support her (the next highest candidate in terms of strong support is brendan boyle 12, leach 5, arkoosh 2).

    Additionally, we have burned our way to endorsements across PA13 on both sides of the county line: On the Philadelphia side: five of largest ward leaders (including the chair of the Northeast ward leaders) covering 40% of the philadelphia democratic primary vote, 5 city councilwomen, 2 state senators, and former city controller jonathan saidel; in montgomery county: the chair and vice chair of the montgomery county democratic party, county commissioner leslie richards, and state representative madeleine dean.

    I am well aware that conventional wisdom calls for campaigns to limit their burn rate and hoard all their money for large television buys at the end. But as those who have studied such campaigns know, conventional wisdom is not always wise; this is particularly true when it comes to multi-candidate primaries in this media market. The history of such campaigns in this market, from Tom Knox to Tom Wolfe, shows that grabbing significant name identification, particularly in a race in which an opponent has a significant name i.d. lead in the market is a multi-million dollar proposition launched months in advance of the election.
    Marjorie2014 has invested early in a ground campaign across the 13th on both sides of the county line, confident in our ability to compete head-to-head with all others on television at the end, but choosing not to rely entirely on last minute television; the other candidates have decided that a last minute tv buy alone will win the day. On May 20th we shall see which approach was wiser.

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