PA-9: Q1: Shuster vs. Halvorson Fundraising Breakdown

Shuster-HalvorsonRepublican incumbent Bill Shuster bested his primary opponent Art Halvorson in the 9th Congressional District’s 2016 fundraising race.

Let’s take a deep dive of the pre-primary first quarter which ran from January 1st to April 6th.

Top-Line Numbers

Rep. Shuster’s FEC report for the quarter shows the Congressman raised $722,007.73 while spending $724,201.43, leaving him with $1,372,160.66 cash on hand.

Meanwhile, Halvorson’s FEC report shows that the candidate has raised $133,807 and spent $142,839.04 leaving him him with $31,074.63 cash on hand. Halvorson, however, is in $285,000 worth of debt and to his campaign.


Halvorson did not take any money from PACs, nearly all of the money raised was given as a personal loan to the campaign from himself totaling $110,000.

Shuster, on the other hand, took $380,059 from PACs this quarter.

The Congressman received $9,000 from Keystone Alliance PAC, $5000 from More Conservatives PAC as well as $5,000 from Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America. The airline industry pitched in as well with American Airlines PAC giving $5,000 and Southwest Airlines Co. Freedom Fund contributing $3,317.

A large amount of the individual contributions to Shuster’s campaign came from the employees of the airline companies. He took over $30,000 from American Airlines employees, $9,000 from United Airlines employees, and $12,200 from Southwest Air employees.

Last year, Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer of Politico broke the story that Shuster is dating and airline lobbyist.


Both of the campaigns have been spending most of their money on media buys and other campaign efforts but again Shuster is spending more than Halvorson.

Shuster paid Mentzer Media Services Inc. based out of Towson, Maryland, $356,128 for TV spots, as well as Red Maverick Media LLC in Harrisburg $64,397 for additional ads and robocalls.

Art Halvorson has spent $80,000 on television and radio spots using Universal Media, the media analytics company based out of Mechanicsburg and paid Kessler Creative in Jacksonville, Florida $12,500 for direct mailers.

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5 thoughts on “PA-9: Q1: Shuster vs. Halvorson Fundraising Breakdown”

  1. Nathan says:

    Transportation industry owns Shuster? That’s not news. The guy doesn’t even own a home or live in the district anymore.

  2. Zakrey Bissell says:

    There might be a small chance is he might lose the primary by a upset by Art Halvorson but I think for he’s going to win in 2016.

  3. Sam says:

    Shuster knows who his daddy is and that’s the airline lobbyists! Shuster needs to go!

  4. gulagPittsburgh says:

    Shuster as usual, getting cozy with the airline industry (that he is supposedly regulating).

  5. aaron says:

    Has Fina resigned yet?

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