Pa. Dems Get in Valentine’s Day Spirit in New Video

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party got in the Valentine’s Day spirit with a new web video on the “bromance” between Congressman and Senate candidate Lou Barletta and President Donald Trump.

The 44-second video highlights tweets between Trump and Barletta where Trump endorsed Barletta’s Senate run after the PA GOP officially endorsed his bid.


“As we saw last weekend, Donald Trump has chosen Congressman Lou Barletta to be his Valentine,” Pa. Dems spokesman Max Steele said.  

The video highlights what Democrats will likely make major parts of the campaign moving forward; healthcare costs, medicaid, and tax reform.  

“Here’s what that could mean for Pennsylvanians: higher health care costs, hundreds of thousands losing their insurance, and punishing seniors who rely on Medicaid for nursing home care. It means policies that encourage companies to ship jobs overseas and provide millionaires with massive tax cuts,” Steele said.  

Update: Barletta’s campaign responded by putting the focus on Casey’s votes on the issues raised in the ads.

“After 12 years of failing to deliver for the people of Pennsylvania, it’s sad but not surprising that Bob Casey is resorting to desperate attacks this early in an election year. No political ad can change the fact that Bob Casey has repeatedly put Pennsylvanians last. In the last two months alone, Bob Casey voted against tax cuts which are allowing Pennsylvania’s workers and families to keep more of their own money. In fact, each day we read about more and more companies issuing bonuses and raises because of the tax cuts that Lou Barletta supported and Bob Casey opposed. Bob Casey even voted to shut down the government and deny health insurance for 342,000 Pennsylvania kids. Bob Casey will have to answer for putting the interests of Washington liberals ahead of Pennsylvania families,” Barletta spokesman Jon Anzur said.   

You can view the video below.  


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7 thoughts on “Pa. Dems Get in Valentine’s Day Spirit in New Video”

  1. Barricks Einwohner says:

    Casey defeated a two term incumbent, he’ll win again.

  2. Zara Brown says:

    nice post

  3. Marcel’sbowlingBall says:

    Great for Padems to pivot quickly away from the Marcel debacle. Good start j Hannah

    1. tommyd says:

      Only politics insiders care about Marcel one way or the other.

  4. Isaac L. says:

    Barletta’s ethnonationalism isn’t going to play in the collar counties and suburbs that he needs. This was not a great pick for a purple state.

    1. Clue Less says:

      Neither did Trump’s, but he won the state. It’s time the annoying SEPA-centric people get a clue.

      1. Scoop says:

        Trump is a drag on the GOP ticket. Barletta is toast.

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