PA GOP Hires New Executive Director

The PA GOP hired Mike Stoll as its new Executive Director after Rob Brooks left the party to return to his previous job with Hallowell & Branstetter.

“I’m thrilled to announce that we have hired Mike Stoll to be our new Executive Director. Mike is a seasoned Pennsylvania political professional and someone I have had the pleasure of working with for many years,” PA GOP Chairman Val DiGiorgio wrote in an email to state party members obtained by PoliticsPA.  

Stoll was most recently Chief of Staff to state Sen. Tom Killion, and also managed his campaign.  Prior to that, Stoll was the Deputy State Director for Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaign in Pennsylvania.  

The change comes a year after DiGiorgio won the state Party election and hired Brooks as Executive Director.  Brooks will remain with the party as a Senior Advisor while he returns to his work with the consulting firm Hallowell & Branstetter.

Disclosure: The author formerly worked for the Pa. Republican Party.

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14 thoughts on “PA GOP Hires New Executive Director”

  1. Frank F says:

    “Stoll was the Deputy State Director for Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaign in Pennsylvania”. So we bring in a loser to run the State now? I guess he is a “party Insider” Republicans just dont learn. We are done with the Insiders. We want true hard working people not silver spoon rich kids.

  2. Laughable says:

    Congratulations GOP. As for DEM they have most unqualified, uneducated, over paid, rudest ED in the History of the Pennsylvania Democrat Party. Wolfpack worthless.

  3. sg8337 says:

    Good choice. Mike is hard working, honest and a man of integrity. He already has almost twenty years of work in the GOP political arena, both at local and state levels. He will steady the ship of GOP at the state level and develop a working agenda taking the state organization forward. Congrats, well deserved.

  4. Isaac L. says:

    Smart move by Brooks, especially after what happened in Chester County! Best to get out while one can.

  5. Donna DeGiacomo says:

    Very excited to see this announcement. Great things ahead for the party and Mike Still.

    1. Donna DeGiacomo says:

      Stoll. Many thanks to auto-correct.

  6. Ari Gold says:

    Johnny Drama finally resurfaces! VICTORY!!!

  7. Judith Gallagher says:

    Mike is a a stand up guy! I wish there were more people like him in politics!

  8. In the Navy says:

    Is that Seth Grove prior to discovering Hoss?

  9. Not me says:

    Admittedly a bad haircut/photo, but he’s a stand up guy.

  10. GS Elevator says:

    Someone get this Howdy Doody looking dope a haircut and a suit that doesn’t look like it came off the clearence rack at Boscovs.

    1. Former Staffer says:

      Here we go GS Elevator raining down judgement from his ivory tower of expensive suits. I don’t know how much Val pays but back in my day Boscovs was top end.

      1. Arlen Specter’s ghost says:

        Son, Boscovs was never “top end”.

        1. AS says:

          this made me laugh out loud

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