PA-Gov: Another GOP Hopeful Moves Toward Running

paul-mangoThe Republican field in the 2018 Gubernatorial contest looks like it will be crowded.

State Senator Scott Wagner has already revealed that he will kick off his campaign tomorrow. Now, another contender is emerging.

According to Thomas Fitzgerald of the Inquirer, Allegheny County businessman Paul Mango is considering throwing his hat into the ring.

Mango is a senior partner for McKinsey & Company. He served as a Captain in the U.S. Army and a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division from 1981 to 1986. Mango graduated from West Point and received an MBA from Harvard University in 1988.

Fitzgerald reports that Mango is bringing on GOP consultants John Brabender and David Urban in anticipation of a possible run.

Meanwhile, there are several other Republicans officials who may give it go. The formation of the GOP Gubernatorial primary field is set to be the biggest story of 2017 in PA politics.

Disclaimer: David Urban is a part-owner of PoliticsPA.

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17 thoughts on “PA-Gov: Another GOP Hopeful Moves Toward Running”

  1. Chris Busko says:

    Sir, what is your opinion on the State of the Dept. of Corrections? The release of the so-called non-violent Felons (Drug Dealers). Also the fact that the DOC is closing prisons but bringing inmates in from Delaware and Vermont! Also the position of Secretary of the DOC is appointed and the idea that Wetzel is over reaching his authority is not being held for any accountability. The wanting to combine Parole and Probation to save money is a joke all it does is takes away a firewall to keep the paroled inmates in check! Think about this, since the releasing of inmates to reduce the inmate population the there has been a spike in the Heroine problem in this state. also the Correction Community Centers are having inmates walking out almost every week! I would like your response. Thnak You, Chris Busko

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  4. Hello says:

    Wagner and this guy may seem promising but don’t have enough connections where it counts to win against the establishment and especially Wolf. I think Cawley is the clear choice to take the GOP J to the governors mansion.

  5. Franco marion says:

    Mango seems like a decent guy. It’s gonna be hard for him to win since he has no network throughout the state and Wagner has been building a statewide network for three years. Plus Wagner can match him dollar for dollar if need be.

    It’s sad because parasites like John Brabender convince novice political candidates like Steve Welch and now Paul Mango to run so they can buy a new house down the shore. I hope Mango doesn’t blow his fortune on has been consultants like Brabender.

  6. Mango says:

    His last name is Mango lol. That is all. I didn’t read the rest.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Linda2, the text was originally “Harvard Law School,” but they were very quick to rectify the slip.

  8. Howard Cohen says:

    Mango appears to have the background and education to provide the leadership that our Commonwealth desperately needs. Wolf has been a disaster and those in the General Assembly may well be part of the problem. Thornburgh was from the West and was a very good governor. The campaign will be difficult, but Mango looks like he can provide the leadership we need

  9. Linda2 says:

    Mike, Harvard University offers many degrees including one for law

  10. Chris says:

    Yeah especially if Kelly runs, he will clean up the western PA vote. He’s gonna have to spend Wolf 2014 type money to have a chance, and he seems to be a better business mind than that. Stay in the private sector, Mr. Mango.

  11. CALLING MANGO says:

    Poor Paul doesn’t even realize he’s going to get taken for all of his money and get walloped in a Republican primary. The guy doesn’t stand a chance. He should run for something else. Brabender just got his but whooped by Wolf in 14.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Since when did Harvard Law School award MBAs?

  13. Mike says:

    I’m pretty impressed that you got an MBA from a law school.

  14. john says:

    He will likely spend a ton of money on consultants and lose the primary. Hold on to your wallet Paul!

  15. jimbo dumbo says:

    He must be a rich Latino. They say half Venezuela is eating due to Mango.

  16. Brabendover says:

    Chris: yep, I need a new yacht

  17. Chris says:

    Paul Mango?

    THE Paul Mango?

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