PA-Gov: Corbett Releases New Energy Plan

Gov. Corbett

Gov. Corbett

The Governor’s Office released its “State Energy Plan,” an 81-page document devoted to Pennsylvania’s history in the energy sector and Gov. Corbett’s plans for the future.

The plan, titled “Energy = Jobs”, seeks to show how the Corbett Administration has made use of the state’s resources and highlights its plans to expand PA’s energy economy for the future.

“Here in the Keystone State, we know that energy equals jobs,” the Governor writes in an introductory note.

“Pennsylvania’s abundant natural resources, sound public policies, improved business climate, skilled workforce and commitment to competitive markets are second to none. We welcome the intense competition to attract jobs and capital investment, and Pennsylvania is committed to winning this competition.”

The report provides immense detail on the state’s history of energy production and the laws which affect energy policy, ultimately advocates for an “all of the above” approach to energy resources.

An “all of the above” energy strategy is a phrase used by almost all politicians regardless of party. For instance, President Obama uses the exact same words to describe his energy policies. The usual partisan differences emerge when it comes to what energy sources are most emphasized and what sources are least utilized.

Democrats in the race for governor are much more likely to favor clean sources of energy like solar, wind, and biomass while Republicans are much more likely to favor established sources of energy like oil, coal, and natural gas.

This contrast can be seen in the Governor’s report, which devotes individual sections to coal, oil & gas, and nuclear energy while sticking all other misc. sources in a section labeled “Alternatives & Renewables”.

Corbett has criticized Allyson Schwartz’s plan to adopt an extraction tax on natural gas drilling and his plan does not address the connection between the environment, climate change, and energy production that the Democratic candidates have stressed.

In fact, the other candidates have wasted no time hitting Corbett on the plan.

“Tom Corbett has released another empty campaign charade paid by the taxpayers of Pennsylvania,” said former DEP Secretary and governor candidate John Hanger.  “Corbett’s so-called ‘Energy Plan’ is a plan to nowhere, filled with nothing.”

The Governor’s plan says that the state’s energy resources have and will continue to allow his Administration to succeed in its pledge to create jobs and that that accomplishment is a reason to support his re-election.

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9 thoughts on “PA-Gov: Corbett Releases New Energy Plan”

  1. Wow. It appears that Corbett has few on staff who knows anything about this.

    Contrast to former PUC Commissioner, DEP Secretary and PennFuture leader John Hanger’s plan, which: “would create at least 65,000 new jobs, cut carbon emissions by one-third, quadruple wind power, increase solar power tenfold, and strongly regulate, zone and tax natural gas drilling.”

  2. PAINDY1 says:

    Having Tom Corbett release an 81 page document on his support of energy is analogous to Hitler releasing an 81 Page document from the Bunker in 1945, while being shelled by the Soviets, that he has some reservations about Jews.

  3. Jeremy Haloskie says:

    Hangar’s energy policy is a great idea. He knows energy in and out. The only problem is Corbett is a knucklehead.

  4. 13thDistDem says:

    | The plan, titled “Energy = Jobs”

    Does anyone else thing Tom Corbett eats paste on the weekends?

  5. M. Dodel says:

    The guy has to bulk up his post retirement funding since all his other selloffs didn’t pan out. He is going to miss out on big payments from the Liquor stores, lottery and toll road industries. All his slush funds will be from the fossil fools. They certainly have to wonder what kind of an idiot they bought four years ago.


  7. Dead on arrival. Just sayin.
    Time for new leadership.

  8. Roger Cohen says:

    Tom Corbett has released another empty campaign charade paid for by the taxpayers of Pennsylvania. Corbett’s so-called ‘Energy Plan’ is a plan to nowhere, filled with nothing.

    The Corbett plan is completely lacking in specific goals for job creation, energy savings and clean energy development. It has no new policy ideas and no new recommendations.

    The plan is just another chapter in the Corbett Book of Failures. His job-creation record is among the worst in the country, and now this plan to nowhere does nothing to create new jobs. Corbett fumbles Pennsylvania’s huge energy opportunities and fails to meet our energy challenges.

    In sharp contrast, John Hanger’s plan, , would create at least 65,000 new jobs, cut carbon emissions by one-third, quadruple wind power, increase solar power tenfold, and strongly regulate, zone and tax natural gas drilling. John Hanger’s unique energy expertise that has saved Pennsylvania consumers billions and billions of dollars, attracted billions of dollars’ worth of new private investment and created tens of thousands of jobs.

    Pennsylvania has a clear choice between Hanger’s expertise, accomplishments and real energy plans or Gov. Corbett’s record of failure and his plan to nowhere.

  9. Paul Bearer says:

    A plan right out of the 19th century…Edison would be so proud of our technological advancement!

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