PA-Gov: FOP Spurns Corbett, Endorses Wolf

Tom-WolfThe Wolf-Stack team picked up an important endorsement today as the PA chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police is backing the Democratic ticket.

FOP consists of the commonwealth’s current and former law enforcement officials and their endorsement is particularly sought after because unlike many other labor unions they don’t consistently choose one party over another.

In fact, Gov. Corbett won the group’s support back in 2010. At the time, the candidate and the group’s leaders made a big show of the endorsement, holding a joint press conference.

“We’ve been solidly behind Tom Wolf from the beginning and carried that over to the state,” Lodge 5 President John McNesby, who represents Philadelphia, stated. “We feel it’s time for a change and we are looking forward to the next four years. This is one endorsement the FOP was clearly and fully behind and sends the message that we’re gonna get out there in force for all our candidates in November.”

The FOP was actually founded in the Keystone State in 1915 by two Pittsburgh officers, Martin Toole and Delbert Nagale.

Wolf currently holds the edge over the Governor according to various polls, which show the Democratic nominee with a lead from anywhere to single digits to twenty-plus points.

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21 thoughts on “PA-Gov: FOP Spurns Corbett, Endorses Wolf”

  1. Jay Reilly says:

    John McNesby, Lodge 5, has already announced that if Stack wins, then he will run for Stack’s Senate seat. This announcement right after the Police contract was released. So, who is polishing whose shoes!

  2. diane says:

    Finally a candidate who looks to the future and wants to protect our environment…currently in our county in Pa. the wages are the lowest in the country and the roads are a mess…the litter all over the roads from the fast food restaurants show a disrespect for the area. Tom Wolf will bring back respect for the sate of Pennsylvania..

  3. mike says:

    Chris is one really smart guy. I READ POLITICSPA JUST FOR HIS COMMENTS!

  4. the lection aint about jamal Abdul or nobody else its about witch guy gonna keep penna on the write trac and the anser is guovenor corbitt is gonna win cuz the way it works in penna is repubs get to be guvnor for 2 terms than the democ. get to be guv for 2 terms and that is the way it works hear.

  5. bungy says:

    Bob you are correct. The FOP has no morals or courage either. How can they support a political party that has plenty supporters of Cop killer Mumia-Abu-jamal. I challenge the FOP to name 1 Republican who ever supported Mumia.

  6. Bob Guzzardi says:

    FOP endorses Corbett in 20101 when polls showed him winning and Wolf in 2014 when polls,show him winning. I think this tells us that the union is opportunistic and unprincipled.

  7. bungy says:

    Hey Isaac, 90 percent of the prison population were at 1 time registered Democrats. What is so funny is that a so called Fraternal order police endorses candidates from the political party which makes up the overwhelming majority of the prison population. Thank Heavens most police officers see through this and vote R.

  8. Isaac L. says:

    Funny how no one of you Corbett supporters seemed to mind when he got the FOP endorsement in 2010…

  9. Michael O'Rourke says:

    This is the goofiest group of comments I have ever seen on this website.

  10. Unsanctioned R says:

    “The FOP endorsed Wolf by a voice vote- and didn’t call for Nays! Shady. This is how Wolf runs a campaign.”

    Is there a source for this?

  11. CorbuttStaffPanick says:

    Wow this thread really brought out the animosity. Look at all the Corbutt staffers panicking. Geez who woulda thunk it.

  12. Geopatriot says:

    Once again, another labor union behind the Democrat. Wolf likes those big fat contributions. Remember what labor unions did to the Capital in Wisconsin a couple of years ago? We need to make PA a Right to Work state. You won’t get that with Wolf at the helm!

  13. bungy says:

    Kind of funny how the FOP supports the political party of the same people that they arrest every day.

  14. bungy says:

    Paybacks are coming to the FOP when Corbett is re-elected.

  15. PAINDY1 says:


  16. Kathleen3 says:

    A union endorsement is the kiss of death to the voters who want to purge bought and paid for politicians from office.

  17. jmarshak says:

    The FOP is just another union. No surprises here.

  18. Michael M says:

    Looks like it’ll be State Sen. McNesby soon.

    He’s been in Philly saying he wants Stack’s seat. What better way to get it than to endorse the candidate he think will win? The candidate who has Stack as his running mate, no less.

    The FOP endorsed Wolf by a voice vote- and didn’t call for Nays! Shady. This is how Wolf runs a campaign.

  19. this don’t make no sense bcause guovenor corbitt been reely good to the cops and aint never done nothing not good for them. so, the rumours that the cops aint gonna vote for him are just a bunch of lies

  20. sean ryan says:

    Corbett by 25.

  21. D. Miller says:

    Wolf equals Obama on the economy and energy and taxes

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