PA-Gov: McCord Releases New Ad (Watch)

Democratic candidate for governor and State Treasurer Rob McCord began running a new television spot this week called “Battled,” detailing how McCord has fought Governor Tom Corbett and won.

“When Corbett tried to hand the state lottery to a foreign firm, McCord said no, protecting Pennsylvania’s seniors” a deep voice narrates over videos of McCord working and speaking with seniors.

It also mentions that McCord is the only Democratic candidate who wants to raise the minimum wage to $10.70 an hour. This is opposed to the standard $10.10 that other candidates, such as Katie McGinty, are supporting.

mccord ad corbett slayer“And,” the voice continues, “only McCord has proposed a ten percent tax on drilling to protect our environment and fully fund our schools.”

Again, this is higher than the 5 percent that other candidates have envisioned, including Rep. Allyson Schwartz.

McCord’s first television ads aired last week, focusing on his childhood and early background.

In the race for governor, McCord faces Schwartz, McGinty, and former Revenue Secretary Tom Wolf.

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11 thoughts on “PA-Gov: McCord Releases New Ad (Watch)”

  1. truth says:

    @jeremy drives a jeep peace corp and a has a do you think its his 10 million in advertising on tv for the last 2 months he did YES.

  2. LR says:

    If McCord is polling within single digits of Wolf prior to the election, he will be the nominee. I foresee his ground game outperforming Wolf on E-Day. Also, I don’t believe Schwartz has a chance, because she has the scarlett letter of Washington on her forehead.

  3. Jeremy says:

    McCord has to break 10% if he is going to win it. Don’t you guys (McCord supporters) are being a little over-optimistic considering your candidate is polling at…. 6%?

    Is ads were going to truly be the determining factor than McGinty would be up in the polls. Wolf has the best story, peace corp, sharing his wealth, drives a jeep, built a business twice, etc. That is why he is ahead.

  4. Chris says:

    @Smarter – I agree with your order, with the possible switch between 1 and 2. I prefer Rob, but both men are exceptional candidates. Yesterday was the last day for withdrawals, so McGinty is in for the long haul.

    @RobMcCocky – I think it may be a bit of an oversimplification to consider McCord and Corbett the same because of a few similar biographical points. Wouldn’t Jack Wagner, Catherine Baker Knoll, and Bob Casey (Sr. and Jr.) be just “elected row officers”? How would Mayor Rendell have factored into your equation? Not that I would ever rush to Corbett’s defense in any case, managing any PA state agency the size of the AG’s or Treasurer’s office is a hefty executive undertaking. What do you consider “executive experience”?

  5. frank says:

    to be honest rob mccords ads are good im a schwartz supporter i guess there saving the best ads for last lol.i do believe in the coming weeks mccords number will soar he is more in touch with regular people of pa than wolf and something tells me wolf peaked to soon.

  6. Paul says:

    At least he’s not pretending to be Bill de Blasio in this one

  7. Smarter says:

    Wolf is only leading polls because of his early TV ads. These high-quality ads McCord is putting out will start to push him to the top.

    I’m guessing the primary results will likely be in this order:
    1) McCord
    2) Wolf
    3) Schwartz
    4) McGinty (if she doesn’t drop out)

  8. JeremyBroadway says:

    Mark got it right. Great ad. The only republican McCord resembles is Sarah Palin on an Alaskan helicopter hunting trip.

    Not so comfortable now that the real campaign has JUST BEGUN and we aren’t alone on the airwaves? A Wagner vote was going to hurt McCord not Wolf and they know this.


  9. RobMcCocky says:

    Barely getting 3rd place in the polls isn’t what I’d call momentum my friend.

  10. Mark says:

    Someone is scared of Rob’s momentum. ^

  11. RobMcCocky says:

    Answer: A twice elected state row officer with ZERO legislative and executive experience, who is arrogant and has an ego problem…
    Who is Tom Corbett? wait, no, no… Rob McCord?… Both?
    Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results… Why replace one bad thing for another? It’s time for a revolution in Pennsylvania government. Let’s elect someone who doesn’t have the resume of Tom McCord, I mean, Rob Corbett, I mean… Ugh. Well you know. Rob McCord is Tom Corbett 2.0, just another self-serving politician.

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