PA-Gov: Schwartz Joins Airwaves (Video)

The early frontrunner in the race for the Democratic nomination for governor became the last to join the television airwaves with her ad that hit television this morning.

Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D-Montgomery) started running “Got It Done,” a 30-second spot that promotes the work that the then State-Senator did in the passage of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

There were a lot of kids in our state who did not have access to insurance. But in the state Senate, no one really seemed to care. One of the first pieces of legislation I worked on – you know it as CHIP. I pushed, and I pushed hard, and we got it done. And it was signed into law by Governor Casey,” Schwartz tells an audience in the ad.

“It became the national model for Bill Clinton. And hundreds of thousands of children in Pennsylvania have benefitted. It’s the kind of big ideas, it’s the kind of experience, it’s the kind of leadership, I’ll bring as your next governor.”

schwartz CHIPThe ad will run in the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia media markets to the tune of $438K.

Schwartz was one of the first to enter the race, and early polls showed her in the lead but when former Revenue Secretary Tom Wolf began a television media buy a few months ago, the momentum shifted in his favor and he has retained a serious lead in the polls since.

State Treasurer Rob McCord and former DEP Secretary Katie McGinty are running smaller buys than Wolf, but have both been on their air for several weeks.

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10 thoughts on “PA-Gov: Schwartz Joins Airwaves (Video)”

  1. bobbyp says:

    Very uninspiring… she would of done better not to put anything on tv.

  2. tom says:

    I wish Allyson had stayed in Congress. I thought she did a good job. Saying that! Governor is a higher profile job. I have attended two events that Allyson spoke at and both speeches where weak as was her first add on tv.

  3. ABCDEF says:

    CHIP was the project of Allen Kukovich and yes Allyson was a big supporter but it was Kukovich who got it done in the senate.

    This ad fails on a number of levels, primarily it does not introduce Allyson to voters who have no idea who she is–unlike the Wolf and McCord ads.

    Allyson’s campaign and messaging is a rudderless mess.

  4. itisjyellen says:

    yeah that a young janet yellin

  5. Liz McGlee says:

    I’m glad to see her on the airwaves! People need to hear about what a wonderful candidate she is.

  6. delco observer says:

    I have seen the future…if she is the Dem nominee, there will be four more years of Terrible Tom…She must be vanquished!

  7. flynnbw says:

    Is that Janet Yellen in the background when President Clinton was signing S-CHIP?

  8. Unsanctioned R says:

    Agreed. You don’t buy beer at a dairy or milk at a bottleshop. Can’t wait to see the negative ads though. They’ll be doosies.

  9. Justin says:

    With the dark background for a major portion of this ad made it feel negative, cold, and amateur. I give this a big thumbs down.

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