PA-Gov: Wolf Calls Current Fiscal Situation “Unacceptable”

Tom-Wolf sadGovernor-elect Tom Wolf is not happy about the state’s current financial situation and he wants everyone to know it is Governor Corbett’s fault.

In light of today’s news that the state has an approximate $2 billion budget gap, Wolf condemned the fiscal actions of Gov. Corbett.

“It is not acceptable simply because it doesn’t work mathematically,” Wolf said. “The commonwealth of Pennsylvania deserves a lot better so we need to get beyond this.”

The Gov.-elect held his press conference alongside Montgomery County Commissioner, and Budgetary Vice-Chair of Wolf’s transition team, Josh Shapiro.

They pushed back against Republican claims that the situation Governor Corbett inherited in January 2011 was worse than today.

“They were gripped by a right-wing ideology that has proven in Pennsylvania, it’s a failure,” Shapiro stated. “You can’t simply cut and cut across the board as they did and think that will ultimately yield growth.”

Wolf called such claims “baloney”.

The new Governor is set to introduce his new budget in March just a few weeks after taking over on Jan. 20th.

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6 thoughts on “PA-Gov: Wolf Calls Current Fiscal Situation “Unacceptable””

  1. bobguzzardi says:

    There are two alternatives facing the Governor, the state House and the State Senate: 1) Balance the Budget by reducing spending to the level of tax income; or, 2) raises taxes.

    For seven years, state government spending has exceeded state tax revenues.

    If spending is cut, whose oxen will be gored.

    If taxes are raised, I am thinking that any Republican colluding with the Democrats to raise taxes, will be vulnerable in either a primary or general election.

  2. BC Davis says:

    Disappointing rhetoric from Camp Wolf. Fact 1: $4 billion deficit 2010; Fact 2:$2 billion deficit 2014; Fact 3: Root cause unfunded pension liability; Fact 4: Need a plan not “right wing v left wing” rhetoric.

  3. LancasterCoobserver says:

    Governor-elect Wolf can cry “foul” all he wants but he is only kidding himself. He has no excuse for this either since he was Revenue Secretary in the Rendell Administration and he knows full-well that there was over a $4 billion deficit when Governor Corbett took office. I guess he feels if he keeps saying it enough it will become fact like the $1 billion TARP school funding that expired and PSEA and the democrats said that Corbett cut school funding! Shame on him.

  4. Deeluxe says:

    The current budget shortfall is less than half of what Secretary Wolf and Fast Eddie left for Corbett. This guy is a fraud ! Hang on to your wallets.

  5. 13thDistrictDem says:

    Well that’s certainly leaving a dumpster fire for the next guy.

  6. DELCO Observer says:

    Thank you to Tom Corbett and the PaGOP for draining the bank accounts, stealing from the kids piggy bank, and even scrounging up and spending all the loose change between the seat cushions…

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