PA-Gov: Wolf Employees Respond To Attacks In New Ad (Watch)

In Tom Wolf’s latest spot entitled “Right Here,” employees of the Wolf Organization rush to the defense of their boss.

A handful of employees each share a tidbit about Tom Wolf and his family’s business, and they range in positions from warehouse worker to CEO to department administrators.

“Don’t believe the attacks.”

“Here’s the truth about Tom Wolf and our company:”

wolf workers ad“In 2006, Tom Wolf sold the biz and went to work for Governor Rendell,”

“The economy fell apart and that really hurt a business like ours.”

“In 2009, the company was about to shut down but Tom bought the business back.”

“He reinvented the business model and saved jobs.”

“Two-thirds of the jobs at Tom Wolf’s company are right here in Pennsylvania.”

“Tom Wolf protected my job,”

“And as governor, he will fight to protect your job too.”

The ad is a near direct response to the accusations levelled by Allyson Schwartz in the ad she released earlier today. Here’s what her ad said:

“To hear Tom Wolf tell it, it’s a nice story but the truth? Yes, Tom Wolf ran his family’s business but to sell it, he forced it deep into debt. He walked away with 20 million for himself. The result? hundreds of employees lost their jobs,” an ominous voice reads over edited images from Wolf commercials. “It’s true, it’s how Tom Wolf did business and it can’t be trusted.”

Like nearly all of his ads, this 30-second spot is upbeat and is shot in a warehouse.

“Allyson Schwartz and Rob McCord are launching outrageous attacks against Tom Wolf because that’s what desperate politicians do,” said Mark Nicastre a spokesman with the Wolf campaign. “The truth is Tom saved hundreds of jobs right here in Pennsylvania. In the depths of the Great Recession Tom Wolf bought back his former company and saved it by reinventing the business model.”

Schwartz’s campaign had a response of their own.

“Tom Wolf is desperately trying to hold onto the fairy tale he told Pennsylvania.  The only problem is he not telling the truth. Here’s what he leaves out of his ads. When Tom Wolf left his business in 2006, he walked away with $20 million loading the company up with debt resulting hundreds of Wolf Organization employees losing their jobs,” Schwartz spokesman Mark Bergman said.

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3 thoughts on “PA-Gov: Wolf Employees Respond To Attacks In New Ad (Watch)”

  1. Allyson Schwartz is desperately trying to hold onto the fairy tale she told everyone about how strong a candidate she was last summer.

  2. wherearethelies says:

    Where is mccordlies to list off endorsements, tell everyone that the primary is over, and then tell attack everyone else on the forum board?

  3. JB says:

    How many jobs are there? Does he make anything at all? How many jobs were there? Where did they go? How many new jobs were created when the model got changed? Whose employees are they? Why aren’t they Wolf employees? Why is right to work so important in the new business model of Tom Wolf?

    Another misleading Wolf ad.

    Where is McCordlies to fact check this?

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