PA Health Sec Gets Egg on His Face

By Keegan Gibson, Managing Editor

Newly confirmed PA Heath Secretary Eli Avila has a bit of egg on his face.

The agency chief had an argument with the owner of Roxy’s Diner in Harrisburg over a few eggs. Unsatisfied with his order, it appears Avila asked one of his employees to report Roxy’s to the Harrisburg Department of Health.

Angela Couloumbis and Tracie Mauriello, of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette respectively, have the story:

Hanna says that just weeks after Corbett tapped Eli N. Avila to serve as the state’s top health official, Avila walked into Hanna’s restaurant opposite the Capitol, ordered an egg sandwich breakfast, and angrily complained that it wasn’t fresh enough.

What followed, Hanna says, was a testy exchange that culminated with Avila’s shouting, “Do you know who I am? I am the secretary of health!”

A month or so later, a city health inspector descended on the restaurant, Roxy’s Cafe.

A Harrisburg city spokesman confirmed Thursday that the visit was triggered by a complaint from the state Health Department – about eggs, no less.

On an editorial note, PoliticsPA has ordered eggs in Roxy’s. They were delicious.

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12 thoughts on “PA Health Sec Gets Egg on His Face”

  1. kevin young says:

    this is the same jacka$$ that wants a flack jacket and a badge that says secretary of health on it………There is a real example of the best and brightest in government……….this guy looks like a nose picker to me…..

  2. Moe Green says:

    Do you know who I am? I’m Moe Green. I was eating eggs in this town while you were still dating cheerleaders.

  3. Mike says:

    Corbett, get rid of this a–hole now. Also, when you get rid of this pompous idiot, select someone from Pennsylvania. I would hate to be him whenever he goes out to eat. Hey Avila, you fat, bald prick, you better hire a taste tester to see if your food is ok before you shove it into your fat face next time. Do you know who I am??

  4. Tim says:

    Corbett loves those out-of-state fellows. This won’t be the only trouble they cause!

  5. Roxanne Toser says:

    Roxy’s is something like the old TV show “Cheers.” We have been going to this restaurant for the past 14 years and have made friends with many of the regular customers, of which there are a ton. Owner, Richard Hanna, treats everyone the same no matter “who” they are. This is a case of the customer “not” always being right.

  6. Kevin H says:

    Oh, he gets paid far more than $100K–he didn’t come here from Lng Island for cheap!

  7. Who cares who he is

  8. Matt H says:

    I think its funny to see someone like this who under appreciates the essence of what hospitality really is in the restaurant industry. Day in and Day out, we see new, old and regular customers and yet, an owner operator takes the time to give someone else the meal he was basically making for himself to appease a customer. You would think people would be hired to help and not hinder just because they think they are someone special. Frankly…Nobody cares who anybody really is…Oh wait everything stops because this person is a VIP Shouldn’t every customer be treated this way? I guess I was wrong and in the end its always piss on the working class. I hope he enjoys his office…Better yet, why doesn’t he try a different job for a month, like working in a restaurant and appeasing the people that walk through his doors and act like him! I doubt He would last a week! I say take it up with the Pennsylvania restaurant association or better yet the National restaurant association and have someone put this smug ratard in his place.

  9. Billy says:

    Have fun double checking your lunch for the next few years.
    YOU KNOW WHO I AM? A proud food server. lol. Spit goes great with eggs!

  10. Ron F. says:

    Talk about egg on your face!!!!!

  11. Ron F. says:

    And this guy probably makes $100,000 or so and thinks he is someone. The power must of went to his head.

  12. Doug says:

    Yet another example of a public official abusing his power. What a piece of work this guy is.

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