PA-Sen: McGinty Seeks to Counter Toomey in Latest Ad (VIDEO)

Katie McGinty didn’t mention Pat Toomey at all in her latest commercial but the subtext was definitely there.

The crux of the thirty-second spot was McGinty’s tax policy. In fact, the ad was even called “Tax Breaks”, in what is likely an attempt to diffuse Toomey’s claims that she supports raising taxes.

“Every penny counts, that’s something that Katie McGinty understands,” the narrator begins before describing the Democrat’s upbringing. “She respects our hard work, that’s why McGinty opposes any middle-class tax increase.”

The commercial goes on to tout her support for cutting taxes for college and childcare, policies that she claims would save each individual $6,000.

“I’m Katie McGinty and I approve this message because I’ll put middle-class families first,” she concludes.

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5 thoughts on “PA-Sen: McGinty Seeks to Counter Toomey in Latest Ad (VIDEO)”

  1. Steve says:

    Why does she feel the need to mention in every ad that she’s one of nine children and the daughter of a police man? It’s an old tired line that doesn’t resonate with voters. Katie McGinty is a pretty established politician with a record that goes back to her days in the White House. She can’t seem to run on any of her time in public office. And her ethics are clearly sleazy. Her ethics were questioned by the state Senate during her confirmation hearing on some of her activities in Washington. She hasn’t changed and, in fact, has made things worse by accepting lucrative positions with companies whom she gave taxpayer funded grants. I think voters care far more about that than what profession. Her father had.

  2. The_New_Liberal_Lion says:

    @PA Parent

    Has #Gloomey conceded yet?

  3. PA Parent says:

    Has #ShadyKatie conceded yet?

  4. Jessica Myers says:

    good god that hair

  5. PA Grandparent says:

    Has #OneTermGardenGnome conceded yet?

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